165 Inch TV With 4K Screen : Know the Price

This is also the case when it comes to the television category. It is generally accepted that TVs with screens of 43 inches and larger are considered to be big TVs, but if a 165 inch TV with 4k Screen is placed in front of these smaller screens, they begin to appear very small.

The premium segment does not have a cap on the number of subscribers. Whether it is the features, price, or brand, there are products in this segment that are so attractive that the eye stops at them.

C SEED has launched a series of TVs called the ‘C SEED N1 folding TV‘ as part of its entertainment system C SEED.

In the last few years, the company has launched TVs with a size range of 103 inches to 165 inches, which are equipped with 4K screens with HDR10+ support, which means that the screens on these TVs can be folded. This screen comes with a refresh rate of 3,480Hz, which goes to show that it is of good quality.

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This TV is one of the most luxurious TVs that we have ever seen. The viewing experience they provide as well as the sound quality they produce impress us with their quality.

The speaker system in the speaker has a power rating of 100W. There is a wide range of sound output frequencies that range from 60Hz to 22kHz. When external speakers are connected with the sound system, the range of the sound will increase to 40kHz. With five HDMI ports and two USB ports on the TVs, it is easy to connect them with other devices.

There are four different colour options available for this television: Gold, Silver, Black and Titanium.

I may have been surprised at the price of the TV at first, but it is also justified by the features that the TV provides.

According to the information we have, these TVs start at around $ 184,200 (approximately Rs 1 crore 47 lakh 19 thousand 560), so the actual cost of the TV is not yet known.

Located in the middle of the room, C SEED TV has a huge screen that looks like a statue. As soon as it unfolds, it cooks a stand for itself along with it and prepares it to be used when it folds.

There is a MicroLED display with a 4K resolution and a base made from aluminum to carry the display. There is an option to rotate the screen 180 degrees to the left or right by using the controls on the bottom.

With regard to its screen coating, the TV has a True Black capability as well as support for HDR. There is a resolution of 1,000 nits and 16 Bits of color processing capability on this TV.

A 165-inch model has a brightness of 800 nits on the large version with a 165-inch display. Furthermore, it is worth noting that Porsche Design Studio has also developed a TV that measures 201 inches, which is another product developed by the company.

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