2024 Plymouth GTX Hemi 426 Seems CGI-Ready to Replace the ICE Mopars

Since 2001 and 1971, Plymouth GTX and its feisty GTX have been in Valhalla.

Many people who are enthusiastic about pony cars and muscle cars are already aware of the fact that Stellantis’ Mopar world is going to look quite different after the Challenger and Charger models are introduced in 2023. Could there be an ICE solution, even if it is a virtual one, then yes?

Dodge is already teasing the two-door shape of sustainable things to come with the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept, which takes the two-door shape of the future of sustainable mobility from the past. Inevitably, virtual artists in the field of automotive design have taken notice of what is happening. There is one difference however with this instance. The pixel master, whose twitter handle is tuningcar_ps, is not interested in making use of the zero-emissions potential of that prototype.

2024 Plymouth GTX Hemi 426

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Thus, rather than mull over a hypothetical alternative CGI universe where the Dodge Daytona SRT Concept wears the Challenger nameplate, the author would like to explore how it would demonstrate the real-world, still ICE-powered Dodge Challenger two-door coupe by playing with it. I sense that he was in a bit of a hurry for this POV, because there is only a limited amount of time left on the manufacturing roster for the traditional pony and muscle cars.

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As a consequence, we should be aware of the fact that we are only getting a single perspective with the Dodge Challenger morphing into a 2024 Plymouth GTX Hemi 426 revival and not a comprehensive perspective. Having collected our jaws from the floor, we then get a chance to see the CGI behind the scenes of making the final product, which is a glorious conclusion that if there are no more Challengers or Chargers in the future, maybe an updated GTX will do the trick in its place, instead, if the Challengers and Chargers are no longer around.

Unfortunately, all of this is just wishful thinking, and nothing more. A passionate Plymouth fan and its feisty GTX have been banished to the car-focused Valhalla for a very long time – since the summer of 2001 for the Plymouth and since 1971 for the Ford Falcon, respectively. Perhaps that would not be such a bad idea for an unofficial build project – someone might see this beautiful CGI and be inspired to try a mix of old and new based on a Challenger body, so that people would be inspired to try something like that…

2024 Plymouth GTX Hemi 426 Image Gallery

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