270 million people around the world are using Windows 10

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that 270 million people worldwide are using the Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, launched Windows 10 eight months ago.

in san francisco Microsoft The company released this figure in the annual meeting started for the developers of the company. After the failure of Windows 8, these figures certainly present the huge success of Windows 10.

Microsoft also plans to stay afloat in the mobile world where Amazon Inclusive, Apple and Alphabet Inclusive capture more customers and developers.

Last year Windows 10 launched in July One of the major reasons for its huge success is that it can be downloaded free of cost by every user for the first one year. Enterprise customers have to pay for Windows 10.

The company also announced that the anniversary upgrade of Windows 10, which will be released in the coming summer, will also be free for users.

The company said that before the launch, the company’s target was to have 100 million devices equipped with Windows 10 in a few years.

However, the company has not yet revealed the type of device that will run on Windows 10. Microsoft still dominates the personal computer market, but it has little hold in the smartphone market.

According to technology research firm IDC, the share of Windows Phone in the global market will be only 1.6 percent this year. On the other hand, Google’s Android will hold 83 percent and Apple’s iOS will hold 15 percent of the market.

Microsoft’s biggest problem is its apps, which cause Windows Mobile devices to lag behind Android and iOS. Windows Mobile devices fail to attract customers.

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