300 million devices running Windows 10, free upgrade till July 29

Microsoft announced on Thursday that its latest Windows operating system is being used on nearly 300 million devices around the world. The new Windows 10 works as the operating system across laptops, desktops, smartphones, Xbox One consoles and other devices.

Yusuf Mehndi, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group, wrote in a blog post, “Windows 10 is increasingly being used at home, school, small businesses, large companies and other organizations. More people are choosing Windows 10 now than in the past.

The speedy upgrade process is being said to be the main reason behind the free upgrade to Windows 10 being available only till July 29.

It will then come pre-installed on the new device, or it can be purchased separately. It will be available for $119 for a home computer.

This technology company hopes that after the disappointing response to Windows 8, it will be able to expand the market more rapidly through Windows 10. Especially in mobile operating systems, where Google is far behind Android and Apple’s iOS.

Even though Microsoft dominates the personal computer software market, Windows OS is used on very few smartphones in the world.

The 300 million users include new computers and devices equipped with Windows 10 with upgraded systems.

Microsoft has set a target of bringing the Windows 10 operating system to a total of 100 million devices by 2018. In this way, it will be on par with Apple, which reported that iOS was used on 1 billion devices this year alone.

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