A Downtime of Microsoft Teams Has Affected Thousands of Users

Microsoft Teams is an undeniably important tool for workplaces that use it. Whenever the service is interrupted, that can be a very frustrating experience. I am sorry to report that this morning that is precisely what happened.

Using its official Twitter account, the Microsoft 365 Status account says that the company is receiving reports that users are unable to access Microsoft Teams and its features are not working properly. According to Downdetector, a website that tracks outage reports, over 4800 users have reported having problems accessing the service as recently as 10AM (UTC), although the company did not disclose the number of users affected. In a related but tangential manner, it is worth noting that Office 365 also experienced the same sort of disruption in service at around the same time that affected over 200 users.

It has been reported that users may be able to sign in successfully to the Microsoft Teams desktop app, but it may not be able to provide all functionality within. Instead of being greeted with the “We ran into a problem” message, the users are met with the following. There is a message that reads, “Reconnecting…”. If users try to access the web interface, they will instead see the message stating that “Operation failed with unexpected error.”. If the user then goes to the Microsoft Support website, they will be informed that this occurred, as well as another report that states users cannot access the admin center to check for updates.

The cause of the issue has been identified about an hour after the initial reports were published by Microsoft. Apparently, the company’s latest deployment had a broken connection to an internal storage service, as implied by the tweet. Additionally, the company states that it is dedicated to rerouting traffic to a healthy service in order to mitigate any negative effects it may cause.

I believe this incident has some similarities to what happened for Microsoft 365 back in September, 2020. Microsoft Teams is experiencing an outage this time around, although users can still continue to use the platform as long as their authentication token does not expire, as features are entirely unavailable.

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