Apple Hires Lamborghini Exec for Its Electric Vehicle Development

A report reported that Apple will be hiring an 18-year Lamborghini veteran for the project, Luigi Taraborrelli, the report said.

Apparently, Apple has enlisted one of Lamborghini’s top car-development managers to help with its development of a self-driving electric vehicle, which could be a sign that it is stepping up its efforts on the vehicle.

As a result of the announcement, Apple has hired Italian veteran Luigi Taraborrelli to lead the design of its future vehicle, according to people who requested to remain anonymous because they do not want the matter to be made public.

He was most recently the head of chassis and vehicle dynamics for Lamborghini where he was in charge of all vehicle dynamics.

A major indication of Apple’s commitment to manufacture a car is that the company is announcing a car following years of setbacks and upheavals.

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With his experience and involvement in the EV project at Apple, Taraborrelli has established himself as one of the most senior managers on the EV team and brings a little exotic car panache to the table.

Aside from working on Lamborghini’s flagship models the Urus, Huracan, and Aventador, the executive also worked on a number of more limited models such as the Huracan Sterrato off-road car, in addition to working on a concept car called the Asterion.

As stated in his LinkedIn profile, he was responsible for handling, suspensions, steering, brakes and rims development, as well as the development of Lamborghini’s chassis.

Despite Apple’s request for comment, a spokeswoman declined to answer any questions about the new hire.

Apple has made the decision to hire a 31-year Ford veteran as the company’s newly appointed chief safety officer.

The technology company hired Ulrich Kranz, who is the former VP of manufacturing for BMW’s electric car division and also the former executive in charge of struggling electric-car maker Canoo.

A firm called Stuart Bowers was previously hired by Apple to work on self-driving technology to replace Musk’s Autopilot system.

Apple’s project involves hundreds of former engineers from Tesla and other car companies, including Rivian, Alphabet’s Waymo, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz, in addition to former engineers from other automotive companies.

Among the second group is the car company’s former senior design executives, who previously worked at Tesla, McLaren, Porsche and Aston Martin.

Bloomberg reported that the company is planning to introduce a car around 2025 with a cabin that is inspired by a limousine, but the design allows riders to face each other through the window.

Many team members and industry observers have doubts that Apple will be able to produce a vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals, relying instead on fully autonomous technology to do so, even though many team members and industry insiders doubt that such an achievement will be possible on its current schedule.

However, despite the recent additions to the team, the group has also lost other key members, including Doug Field, who was the former head of the project, and Ian Good fellow, who was an artificial intelligence specialist.

Apple had hired Field as its director of vehicle programs after she became Tesla’s director of vehicle programs in 2018. Having been with Apple for almost three years, he moved to Ford shortly after becoming the president of the company, a relatively short period for an Apple executive in charge of a major program.

As of now, the car project is being managed by Kevin Lynch, who is the company’s head of Apple Watch and health software while also overseeing the company’s machine learning and Apple Watch teams.

The Apple company has been working on an electric car at least since 2014, however, over the course of the last few years, there have been many challenges. These include leadership changes, changes to the company’s strategy, and layoffs.

In terms of their relationship, Apple and Lamborghini are not new to each other. This augmented reality feature, which was developed with the help of Apple, was introduced by the automaker in 2020 in order to help people preview the Huracan EVO RWD Spyder.

The head of Apple’s marketing department at the time is reputed to have stated in an interview that Apple takes Lamborghini deeply.

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