Apple WWDC 2018 kicks off today, here’s what to expect and watch the live stream

Apple’s annual World Developer Conference (WWDC) is starting on Monday. Upcoming software for iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and other devices will be announced here. WWDC 2018 will start from Monday and will run till 8th June. In this, you can take the help of live streaming to see all the announcements live. Along with the software, there is also talk of the iPhone SE 2 arriving at WWDC 2018. Interestingly, the phone-to-phone AR experience, Siri Improvement, and a single set of apps for iPhone and Mac can be veiled.


WWDC 2018 will start at 10:30 PM IST. Like last year, you must have an Apple device to watch WWDC 2018. If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac computer with iOS 10 and above, you can send the event via Safari. official website But you can see. If you have a 1st, 2nd, and 4th generation Apple TV, you can watch the event on the Apple Events channel. Windows users can watch WWDC 2018 with the help of Microsoft Edge browser.

What to Expect from WWDC 2018 – iOS 12, Improved Siri, and More

It is being said about iOS 12 that it can be the major attraction of WWDC 2018. The iOS 12 update will be brought to improve the performance of the device. There will be options like NFC capabilities, digital health tools, so that users will be able to know how much time they spend on the phone. Also, AR is also a major feature, the discussion of which is fast. In this, two users will be able to play games simultaneously and share information in the same virtual environment.

Experts believe that Apple can equip its virtual assistant Siri with AI and other features to further improve it. The company would like to compete with the digital assistants of Google and Amazon with these features. Apple may also improve the HomePod. Also, you can pay attention to the Health and Assist app.

Talking about the hardware, an upgraded version of Mac Book Pro is expected to arrive. Also, the discussions about the arrival of iPhone SE 2 are fast. The company may bring a wireless charging pad named AirPower, which was announced last year. Let us tell you that software updates for the iPhone have generally been knocking in September. Earlier, the company has been giving priority to launching new phones.

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