Audi and Volkswagen Recall Multiple Models Over Exploding Airbags

What’s happening

Volkswagen and Audi are recalling more than 1,200 vehicles from the 2016 model year due to potentially exploding airbags.

Why it matters

Airbag explosions could send sharp pieces of metal into the cabin, potentially causing injury or death to passengers.

Airbags that are deployed incorrectly can fail to protect passengers even when there is no explosion.

What’s next

Front-passenger airbag modules in the affected Audi and Volkswagen vehicles will be replaced by dealers.

Audi and Volkswagen Recall Multiple Models Over Exploding Airbags
Audi and Volkswagen Recall Multiple Models Over Exploding Airbags

This week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released documents that outline a whole bunch of Audi and Volkswagen models that are being recalled as a result of airbags that are prone to exploding. Thankfully, this is not a continuation of the massive Takata airbag recall that occurred earlier this year and affects only 1,216 vehicles in the US.

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There are a total of four models of vehicles that are affected, all of which are of the 2016 model year. As an example of this, they include models such as the Audi A3 Cabriolet, A3 E-Tron, A3 Sedan, R8, S3 Sedan, TT Coupe, TT Roadster, as well as the Volkswagen E-Golf, Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R and Golf Sportwagen.

Do you know why the spread is so wide? The recalled vehicles were assembled with passenger airbag inflators produced in the same batch as the affected vehicles, according to NHTSA. One Audi A3’s airbag inflator burst during deployment following an accident.”

Volkswagen and Audi dealers will replace the entire front-passenger airbag module for these vehicles. The work will be done free of charge, and owners will be notified by mail on or around September 30.

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