Back Acne: If you are troubled by the pimples on the back, then this is the panacea treatment


Often people suppress the nail pimples, due to this other cells also get damaged.
Some people may also have acne problems on the chest and shoulders.

Back Acne: Not only the face is the place to come out of pimples, but some people get pimples on their backs. Apart from this, some people may also have acne problems on the chest and shoulders. According to the dermatologist, wherever there are hair follicles in the body, there can also be acne. Actually, oil comes out from the hair follicles, due to which there is a problem of acne and pimples. People make various efforts to remove the nail pimples on the face, but often ignore the acne or nail pimples on the back. But it is very important to remove it too. doctor ndtv According to the report published in the report, Dermatologist Dr Kiran Shetty says that although we do not always have control over acne, because it is mainly responsible for hormonal fluctuations and genetic reasons, but it can be overcome with some measures.

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Nail-acne removal remedies

Do not suppress pimples: Often people suppress the nail pimples, the pus that comes out from it also damages other cells. That’s why never press on pimples. There may also be a risk of infection elsewhere.
Always clean the skin Doctor Kiran Setty told that use oil free body wash. This will not clog the pores. Apart from this, whenever you take a bath, use a clean cloth after bathing.
Use this type of cleanser-Dr Kiran Shetty suggests that the gel, cream or cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide can be used as medicine. This removes back acne. You can also use a retinoid gel or an acne sticker. These contain salicylic acid medicine which can remain on the acne site for several hours.

keep things cleanTo keep back acne away, always keep all kinds of things clean, such as towels, sheets, pillow covers. Make sure to clean these personal things at least once a week so that bacteria do not grow in them.

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