Calcium Deficiency: Your skin indicates calcium deficiency, know its other symptoms


Lack of calcium can make the skin more dry.
Bones become thin due to lack of calcium.
Calcium deficiency worsens overall health.

Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency- Calcium is essential not only for bone health but also for skin, muscles, teeth and heart. Calcium is an important mineral which is essential for a healthy body. Calcium prevents the problem of blood clotting. Calcium is essential for the development of bones and muscles. Due to the deficiency of calcium, many changes are seen in the body. Most of the changes happen on the skin.

Due to the deficiency of calcium, the skin starts looking dry and cracked. Due to the deficiency of calcium, the nails also start to break down and become weak. Many of its symptoms are common, due to which calcium deficiency is detected late. Let us know about the symptoms arising due to calcium deficiency.

muscle problem
Due to the lack of calcium i.e. calcium deficiency, many problems can be faced. According to Medical News Today Calcium deficiency can cause muscle pain, cramps, pain in hands and feet, numbness and tingling. Calcium deficiency increases with age.

Excessive fatigue
Lack of calcium leads to lack of energy and lethargy in the body. Lack of calcium can also cause problems with sleep. Many people also have an increased risk of mental problems like lack of focus, forgetfulness, dizziness and confusion.

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Nail and skin damage
Lack of calcium can lead to nail and skin damage. Symptoms like dryness, roughness and red patches can be seen in the skin. At the same time, due to lack of calcium, the nails start becoming weak and yellow. They break easily. Lack of calcium can also stop the growth of nails.

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May increase osteoporosis
Calcium works to strengthen bones. Due to lack of calcium, bones become weak and break and the risk of injury also increases manifold. Over time, there is a lack of nutrients in the bones, due to which osteoporosis can also occur. Due to the lack of calcium, pain in the feet persists.

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