Car Free Day 2022: Give the car a rest and work to reduce air pollution like this


Use a bicycle to make your contribution to environmental protection.
On Car Free Day, you can save the environment from the heat emitted from the vehicles.

Car Free Day 2022: We were all locked in our homes during the Corona period and the roads were completely empty. At that time you must have felt yourself closer to nature. Even in spite of being the summer season, there was a significant drop in the temperature, do you know why? Because the heat emanating from the vehicles had reduced to a great extent. On the same lines across the world, September 22 is celebrated as a special day to give time to heal our earth. This day is Car Free Day.

Environmental thinkers around the world also see this day as a special day because experts believe that on this day you can save your fuel as well as your planet.

Make your best contribution to environmental protection

Just one day, if you leave your shining motor-car and make a bicycle or public transport your partner, then believe that you can make your best contribution to environmental protection. And if we talk about your car, then one day in a year it also needs rest.

Car Free Car Day is a great opportunity for all of you, when you can save only one day but your earth which is giving you so much, in return from the heat emanating from the vehicles. Along with this, you can also spend some energy of your body by using a bicycle to cover the distance around you and make it healthy.

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Experts and environmentalists believe that this is an occasion that you should celebrate like a festival and meet people and promote this day. With this, not only you will be able to fulfill a goal for the coming generation but also for yourself.

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