Cholesterol can also increase due to persistent constipation! Heart disease can also occur due to these reasons


Cholesterol increases due to bad lifestyle and bad diet.
Regular exercise, healthy diet can reduce cholesterol.

High Cholesterol Reasons: Most people are very concerned about heart health. In the past few years, the rapidly changing lifestyle has made the biggest impact on heart health. People have now suffered from high cholesterol at an early age. High cholesterol also leads to life-threatening conditions like heart attack, stroke. Sometimes bad cholesterol in the body increases rapidly due to carelessness about small things. Low amount of fiber in the body can also be a reason.
Apart from having more oily and spicy food, not doing regular exercise also increases bad cholesterol in the body rapidly. According to this, the reason for increasing cholesterol in the body can also be due to taking excessive amount of carbohydrates apart from unhealthy diet. There itself healthline According to this, psyllium fiber can be helpful in reducing total cholesterol.

These are the reasons for high cholesterol

food and drink – The issue of heart health is directly related to our diet. However, we can reduce cholesterol to a great extent by making changes in it due to bad eating habits. Having a high amount of carbohydrates and trans fat in our food is harmful for the heart. This also causes heart related diseases.

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Carbohydrates – In the changed lifestyle, our food has also changed a lot. Now most people consume a lot of carbohydrates. We get it from grains, sugar, starch etc. Carbohydrate foods are quick and easy to make. The risk of high cholesterol level increases with the increase in the amount of carbohydrates in the body.

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Fiber – Our body works to remove excess cholesterol through bowel movement. The liver removes the excess cholesterol and stores it in the gall bladder. After this it moves forward with the help of intestines. If we do not have enough fiber in our food, if we do not drink enough water, then it becomes the reason for constipation. Due to this, the cholesterol stored in bile gets reabsorbed into our blood stream and this can increase the cholesterol level. That is why it is important that there is no constipation in our body.

stress –
Stress also works to increase heart related diseases. Apart from this, not exercising and intoxication like cigarettes, alcohol can also be the reason for the development of high cholesterol and heart related diseases.

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