‘Coffin chair’ for the office made in the UK Beware those who work for hours sitting!

Health Fitness Tips: In this run-of-the-mill world, everyone is after earning money. From today, where people used to pay more attention to their health a few years ago, today people have completely forgotten it. People are working in one place for hours and hours, which is having a very bad effect on our health. In the office, people are busy working in the same chair for nine to ten hours continuously, due to which people are suffering from many diseases. Meanwhile, a UK-based designer has designed coffin-shaped chairs and named it ‘The Last Shift Office Chair’.

The design of the chair is like a coffin. The designer has tried to give a big message by preparing this that after all, when someone works sitting in one place for a long time, then what effect does it have on our health. Chairbox says that a study has revealed that people who sit for six to eight hours continuously and work at office or home have an increased risk of death.

harmful to exercisers
Chairbox said in its website that the chairs were not built for eight hours of sitting, according to the designer. Our practical changes have had a big impact on our bodies. Even if you are one of those people who exercise daily, it is not good for your health to sit for eight hours every day.

Standing Desk Alternatives in the UK
Chairbox said that to avoid this problem in the UK, there is a law that gives companies the option of having a standing chair or a standing desk in their office. The purpose of this law is to make people aware but it is not completely enough.

The designer said that times have changed rapidly, our ways have changed but our body is still not able to adapt to it. No one likes to sit in the office for hours. In the last hours of work, people start feeling like death. In such a situation, it is very important that you do not sit and work continuously for your fitness and health.

This chair will change the habit
The purpose of this type of chair is that when you sit continuously for several hours, it will remind you in which direction you are going. Your habit of sitting and working for hours is slowly taking you closer to death. You will be able to remember from this that you have to take a break for some time.

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