DL News: After 33 years, the rule of DL changed in the country, now this certificate will have to be submitted before making a learning driving license

New Delhi. It is now going to be mandatory to learn road etiquette before getting a Learning Driving License in the country. Applicants now also have to pass an exam before making DL. The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has recently issued a new guideline. It has been written in this guideline that in view of the number of road accidents, death toll and road rage incidents in the country, a major change has been made in the process of making driving license after 33 years. Now motorists will also be taught theoretical and practical lessons.

Now applicants will be given training before getting the Learning DL made in the recognized Driving License Training Centers in the country. The ministry has said that this training camp for two wheeler and four wheeler drivers will be of ten days. In the coming days, the training certificate of Driving Training Center will be made mandatory. For this, without learning driving license will not be made.

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has recently issued a new guideline. (file photo)

After 33 years, now this certificate will have to be given for learning DL
Applicants making DL will be able to take training for this on the portal themselves or with the help of facilitation centers. This training program is divided into 20 sessions. In this, applicants will be taught how to resolve the dispute by saying sorry.

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It is worth noting that recently the ministry had also made an amendment to streamline the functioning of the accredited driver training centres. Under this, knowledge and understanding of technology has now been included for fuel efficient driving for driving learners. Learning driving license applicants will be given training in traffic education, first aid, road etiquette, causes of accidents and fuel efficiency etc. Also practical lessons cover topics such as basic and skill driving exercises, night driving, driving in single and multiple lanes.

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