Do not panic if uric acid increases, control with these methods, the risk of kidney disease will be reduced


Exercising every day can help in reducing uric acid level.
There is a risk of increasing uric acid by eating non-veg, so avoid it.

Easy Ways To Control Uric Acid: Uric acid is a waste product made in our body, which goes out of the body through urine. When due to some problem, the production of uric acid increases and it is not able to get out of the body, then it gets deposited in different parts of the body. Due to this, there is severe pain in the joints of the hands and feet. If left untreated for a long time, uric acid can lead to kidney failure and frequent kidney stones. You can control uric acid by taking care of some small things.

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Control uric acid in these 5 ways

1. Avoid Non Veg: The best way to control uric acid is to stay away from non-veg. Specialists in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Dr. Amarendra Pathak It is said that there is a risk of increasing uric acid by eating non-veg. Apart from this, consuming pulses in large quantities is also not considered beneficial. Patients with uric acid should be careful in eating and drinking.

2. Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks: If you drink more and more water, it will increase the chances of getting uric acid out of the body. Due to this it will not be able to accumulate in your body. Apart from this, soda, cold drinks, sports drinks and other drinks should be avoided. You can take healthy liquids.

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3. Exercise Every Day: Exercising can help reduce uric acid levels. This reduces inflammation and maintains body weight. Apart from this, insulin resistance gets improved. Exercising for about 30 minutes every day can provide relief from many diseases.

4. Give Up Beer and Wine: A report from Healthline According to this, consuming beer and alcohol can increase the uric acid level, which can increase the problem of gout. To avoid this problem, it is better to give up beer and alcohol completely.

5. It is important to get enough sleep: So far, it has been revealed in many research that if you do not sleep for 6-7 hours every day, then uric acid level can increase. So get enough sleep every day. With this you can control the uric acid level.

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