Do you also start doing this work as soon as night falls? Improve the habit now, otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life


People who sleep early are active and full of energy throughout the day.
People who wake up late at night are at increased risk of diabetes.

Staying Up Late Cause Diabetes: Smartphones, laptops and other electronic gadgets have made our life a lot easier. Because of this, many times we adopt such habits which become a web of life for us. From children to the elderly, they are also seen running the phone or laptop till late at night. This habit has come to be called ‘Binge Watching’. A recent study has revealed a lot about the diseases caused by staying awake till late at night. If you are also a victim of wrong lifestyle habits at night, then know how they can prove fatal for you.

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Heart disease increases the risk of diabetes
A study done in the US has found that people who wake up late at night have a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The Guardian reports According to this, people who sleep late in the night, their body is not able to burn fat and convert it into energy properly. On the other hand, people who fall asleep early, their body is able to burn fat properly and make more energy. Due to this, people who sleep early remain active and full of energy throughout the day. Binge watching can be the cause of many diseases.

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The risk of obesity also increases
Researchers say that the fat in the body of people who sleep late at night is not able to burn properly. Because of this, the functioning of insulin is affected and there is a risk of increased blood sugar level. There is also a risk of increasing obesity in such people. Surprisingly, even when these people exercise, they do not burn the right amount of fat. In such a condition, it continuously accumulates in the body and takes the form of obesity. In such people, sensitivity to insulin decreases and their body uses carbohydrates for energy.

Lack of sleep also increases the risk of many diseases
There are some people who stay up till late in the night and due to work in the morning they have to get up early. Such people do not get enough sleep and the circadian rhythm gets affected. It is also dangerous for mental health along with physical health. Especially this habit affects children the most, because it is necessary for them to get about 10 to 12 hours of sleep in a day. Apart from this, the health of people doing night shifts is also badly affected.

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