Eat white guava or pink? Know the advantages and disadvantages of both

Health benefits of white vs pink guava: Experts say that we should include seasonal fruits in our diet as far as possible, but there are many such seasonal fruits which are of many varieties and their nutritional value is also different. One such seasonal fruit is guava. Yes, guava also has two varieties, one is white and one is pink.

As different as these two look, their nutritional value is also different. dietician shikha kumari Has shared information on his Instagram about the difference between these two varieties and their benefits for health. Let us know about these two varieties of guava.

benefits of white guava

– Helps in reducing the level of blood sugar.
Helpful in keeping the heart healthy.
– of menstruation helpful in relieving pain,
– Very good for the digestive system.
– Beneficial in weight loss.
– Protects against cancer.
– Helps to increase immunity.
-Good for your skin.

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benefits of pink guava

dietician shikha kumari explained on their Instagram that pink guava is high in water, low in sugar, low in starch and vitamin C and low in seed or seedless. On the other hand, white guava contains more sugar, starch, vitamin C and seeds. The amount of antioxidants is high in white pulp guava but its amount is high in red pulp guava.

What makes guava pink or white?

He told that pink guava contains a pigmentation called carotenoid which gives red color to carrots and tomatoes as well. Whereas the carotenoids in white guava are insufficient to give color to the pericarp.

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For whom is it harmful
Ripe guava or pink guava should be avoided if you regularly suffer from cold and cough. Whereas if you eat raw guava, then you will not have the problem of phlegm.

how to eat
Please tell that this fruit rich in vitamin C should not be cut and kept in the open for a long time. By doing this its vitamin C content starts decreasing.

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