Ferrari Introduces New Engine Upgrade in Belgium

At the Belgian Grand Prix next week, Ferrari are planning to introduce an all-new hybrid system as the team strives to get Charles Leclerc back in contention for the World Championship.

A new hybrid engine system is being developed by Ferrari for the F1-75 machine, which will be used at the Belgian Grand Prix when Formula 1 reconvenes.

Ferrari Introduces New Engine Upgrade
Ferrari Introduces New Engine Upgrade

Due to new regulations for 2022, certain parts of the power unit have been frozen since 1 March, including the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), Turbocharger, and MGU-H which all belong to the power unit. It is not allowed to make performance related upgrades, although improvements that improve reliability are allowed to be made.

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There is however an option to upgrade the MGU-K, the Energy Store and the Control Electronics up until 1 September, as long as it had not been upgraded earlier in the season.

All four manufacturers have one last chance to upgrade their offering before the 1 September deadline, which is the last F1 race before the update ban kicks in. As such, the race at Spa-Francorchamps is the last F1 race before the upgrade ban kicks in.

Engines for F1 will remain frozen

In the year 2022, Ferrari has suffered engine problems across a wide range of teams, both in the works and in the customer teams. Lead driver Charles Leclerc has experienced engine failures during two races while leading in Spain and Azerbaijan, resulting in a retirement.

During the Austrian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz suffered a fiery detonation of one of his units as a result of a collision with the wall.

“It is true that we expect improvements to the hybrid system that can assist us throughout the engine freeze period; we’re working hard, but it won’t be a turning point,” Mattia Binotto, Ferrari’s team boss, told Italian magazine that engines would not be stockpiled.

“I don’t believe that’s a strategy, but rather what has resulted from it.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes were able to do that in 2021, because I don’t think it was predetermined. Stronger engines are always better, but more reliable engines are better.”

In addition to Mercedes, Renault, and Red Bull Powertrains, the other engine manufacturers have not yet publicly stated if they intend to upgrade their engines.

As of 2025, the architecture of the power unit will remain unchanged until the introduction of the new engine regulations in 2026 after the 1 September deadline has passed.

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