Ferrari launches its modular GT3 inspired by F1 technology

It is anticipated that Ferrari 296 GT3, which will replace the 488 GT3 Evo in 2023, will feature fully removable front and rear body panels to facilitate easy maintenance.

As the Italian manufacturer revealed during the presentation of the car before the Spa 24 Hours of GT World Challenge Europe race, this is the first time the car will win the race.

A complete front and rear section of the car can be removed in one piece, and the rear and front ends of the car are built on detachable subframes, which makes maintenance simple and convenient.

“We looked at the prototypes and the way they do things in Formula 1 and we copied that method of doing things.” said Ferdinando Cannizzo, Ferrari’s Head of GT Competition Car Design. There was an exchange of ideas and concepts between us and the F1 team during our meeting. During the development of the 296 GT3, there was a great deal of interaction with “all Ferrari departments”, including the Scuderia, which was one of the key benefits of the project.

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As Cannizzo explained, one of the guiding principles that had driven the design and development of the Ferrari GT3 had been to create a car that was more easy to use and maintain. It is something we thought about right from the start, since we wanted to simplify assembly, and make running on the track much easier than it was previously,” he explained.

A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that when you remove the front or rear body, there is only one electrical connector and not a multitude of cables everywhere. Similarly, the ease of running the car and the efficiency of changing components are key factors in performance. Front and rear bodies can be changed very quickly, in seconds. But, more studies need to be done in order to discover exactly how fast the car can go.»

A full specification for the Ferrari 296 GT3 was revealed at its reveal, which followed the release of the first photos from a shakedown at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track in April.

The engine retains the architecture and capabilities of the two-liter twin-turbo V6 that Ferrari launched with the road-going 296 GTB back in 2021, which means it’s a 180-degree V6 with a 120-degree V. Cannizzo told Autocar that Ferrari’s Attivita Sportive GT department has been involved with the development of the road-going 296 since the beginning.

“We worked with them from the start, analyzing the race car requirements, which influenced our decision to use the wide-angle configuration of the engine. Having the turbos inside the V has indeed made it possible to fit them more easily.

A two-degree rear-to-front tilt was done to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. The difference of two degrees may not seem like much, but it’s sufficient to ensure that the rear diffuser is properly designed and sized to increase efficiency and improve ride height sensitivity. According to Cannizzo,

As allowed by the 2022 regulations, the wheelbase of the car has been lengthened by 60mm compared to the road version to make it more accessible, especially for amateurs. A GT3 car does not have a hybrid system, which is prohibited in racing cars. This results in a different gearbox housing than on a road car.

Ferrari’s GT3 for this generation is the first to be designed exclusively by Attivita Sportive GT; Michelotto, an external tuner, developed the previous three generations.

In the new project, Michelotto’s Ferrari GT3s are being assembled by French company ORECA.

In order to complete its racing debut at the 24 Hours of Daytona, the first round of the 2023 IMSA championship, the 296 GT3 has completed around 8,000 kilometers of testing. Customer deliveries will commence at the end of the year.

Ferrari is not saying how much the new car will cost, but it promised not to up the price significantly from the 488 GT3 Evo.

The Ferrari 488 is reported to cost close to $500,000 without taxes in spite of Ferrari’s policy not to publish race car prices.

  • Ferrari 296 GT3
  • Ferrari 296 GT3
  • Ferrari 296 GT3

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