Fitness Tips: 5 easiest asanas to start yoga at home by fitness coach, watch video

Five easy Asanas, Best Asanas for Yoga,Tadasana Benefits: : Yoga is very important for our health. By doing yoga daily, we stay away from many diseases and infections. However, there is also a process of doing yoga and if yoga is done in the wrong way then it also causes huge losses. Not only ordinary people, but also celebrities take the help of yoga for good fitness.

For a good healthy life, it is necessary for everyone to do yoga, but with rules. If you are such a person who is going to do yoga for the first time, then today we are going to tell you some such easy 5 yoga poses. Yoga teacher Anshuka Parwani, in her Instagram post, tells five such yoga poses from which you can start your yoga journey.

Anshuka wrote in her Instagram post that doing yoga makes your body physically, mentally and spiritually strong. Whoever you are, where are you from, how old are you, etc. Yoga is for everyone.

With Tadasana Yoga, you can easily start your yoga journey. It is also very easy to do this. This yoga is also called Tadasana. In this, the hands are raised by joining both the claws and the body is pulled upwards. This asana strengthens the knees, thighs and ankles.

Parshva Tadasana
Parsva means to the side, this yoga is done in the same way as Tadasana but tilts the body in its left and right side. Parsva Tadasana is considered as a warm-up pose, doing this yoga strengthens the arms, shoulders and hips.

Urdhva Hastottanasana
This yoga helps a lot to keep the body energetic. It increases the flow of energy throughout the body. In this, both the hands are folded and raised upwards. By doing this the shoulders become strong.

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Kati Chakrasana
This asana is also a part of Tadasana. Chakrasana means rotation of the waist. This asana is generally done to strengthen the waist. In this, standing with both the legs apart, the waist is rotated to the side left right side. It helps in flexibility of the waist and also strengthens the hips.

It is called Vrikshasana because its posture is like a tree. Vrikshasana is a balancing yoga posture. This is the most popular asana among the asanas. Many celebrities can also be seen doing this. In this asam, both the hands are folded up and the balance is made on one leg.

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