Get up every morning and do this work, the risk of dementia will be reduced and you will be fit


Daily body movement keeps the body and brain active.
Exercise also improves the metabolism of the brain.

Exercises To Prevent Dementia: Incorporating daily exercise into the routine not only helps in keeping the body fit and healthy, but can also reduce the risk of dementia. Dementia is a disease of amnesia, in which a person forgets things. With increasing age, the nerves start to weaken, due to which the risk of dementia increases. Apart from exercise, regularly doing household chores, socializing with friends and family, and participating in social functions can also control dementia. Daily exercise can reduce the risk of dementia by up to 35 percent. By doing daily physical activity, the metabolism of the brain increases, which helps in keeping the memory strong. Let us know which exercise can be beneficial in reducing the risk of dementia.

According to the healthline Exercise plays an important role in reducing the risk of dementia. Cycling is a good exercise to stay active. Cycling 12 to 15 kilometers daily is not only a great exercise, it also makes the brain active.

Swimming for half an hour daily also makes the body healthy along with the mind. By doing swimming, the whole body is exercised, in which hands, feet and brain are all used together.

walking and jogging
Daily walking and jogging are also considered a better exercise. By doing daily walking or jogging, the body remains fit as well as the stress level can also be reduced. This can give rest to the brain. Daily yoga can also be helpful in reducing dementia.

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a fixed sleep schedule
Make a fixed schedule for sleeping every night and getting up in the morning. Make a habit of getting enough and good sleep. Stop looking at the screen half an hour before sleeping. Reading, listening music and meditation can be done before sleeping instead of screen time. This leads to good sleep.

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