Gogoro Delight electric scooter launched with a range of 150 km, women will love it!

The Gogoro Delight electric scooter gets a large U-shaped light in the trunk, and also gets a refillable fragrance segment.

The Taiwan-based Gogoro company, which produces batteries for electric two-wheelers, has launched an electric scooter called Delight, which is specially designed for women. Delight is a battery-swapping platform for electric two-wheelers.

The Gogoro company claims that the Delight electric scooter can deliver a maximum range of around 150 km on a single charge, according to their specification. Aside from this, its top speed is said to be 30 mph, which is equal to about 48 kilometers per hour, which is a respectable rating.

The domestic market for Gogoro’s Delight electric scooter has not yet been launched in its domestic market, a report from Gizmochina said.

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It is worth pointing out that the scooter comes in two variants, the Delight Basic and the Delight e-scooter, which comes with a variety of features. Currently, there is no information about the price of the products.

As for the specifications, both the basic and premium models of the vehicle come equipped with the same powertrain regardless of their price range. There is also a 6.9 kW power-generating motor on each of the e-scooters that can be used to accelerate the e-scooters to a top speed of around 48 kmph, mainly due to the 7.0 kW motor.

The scooters can both deliver a range of 150 kmph on a single charging when the batteries are fully charged. By driving the scooter at a speed of 30 kmph, the scooter will be able to cover the stated range according to the company.

In addition to its specific design, the Delight electric scooter for women has been designed with its seat height and weight as low as possible. With this new model, there are also large U-shaped lights in the trunk, and a fragrance segment that can be refilled with fragrance.

In both scooters, there is the option of going forward or going backward, depending on your preference. There is the option of having a backlight display with LEDs in these products.

In addition to this, the mainstand is equipped with a safety switch to ensure the safety of the users. Besides the touch start button and the mechanical switch on the scooter, the scooter has also been equipped with smart key cards and smart key switches.

There are multiple riding modes available to the user, including Smart, Normal, Super Boost, and Low Energy modes. To the Delight electric scooter, Gogoro has also added advanced safety and comfort features, such as a liquid cool system, a poly chain carbon belt system, a dual telescopic fork, dual rear suspension system, a hydraulic disc brake system, and a SBS brake assist system.

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