Google Pixel and Pixel XL first look

Eventually Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones were launched. The launch event held in San Francisco made it clear that the Pixel smartphone has been touted as a rival to Apple’s iPhone. However, many experts believe that a brand like Samsung has to suffer more than this phone. We had some time during the launch event. google pixel And Pixel XL Spent with smartphone. First Look How did we get this phone? Let’s tell you
Nothing revolutionary has been done with the Pixel phones in terms of design. However, many users will not even care about it. At first glance the texture matches that of the iPhone. But like most Android phones, the Pixel XL has a better screen-to-body ratio than the iPhone 7 Plus. In such a situation, despite having a big screen, there is not much problem in using it.

There is a strange excitement about the blue color. But we did not like this color variant at all. The Black color variant goes with our choice. And the silver color variant is also fine. However, it is our choice. Your choice may be something else. Anyway, the Blue color variant is not to be launched in India. So the question of likes and dislikes does not arise.


As Gadgets 360 said in August itself, Google Assistant will be the most important feature of the new Pixel smartphone. Think of Google Assistant like this… It’s a combination of Knot on Tap and Apple’s Siri, which has a ton of information gathered by Google’s Knowledge Graph. In the presentation, Google informed about the ability to have Now on Tap in Assistant. You can also ask the assistant to suggest a restaurant for lunch. We spent some time with this feature. You can activate the voice-based assistant by long-pressing the Home button. As expected, Google’s voice recognition is excellent and it worked flawlessly. And on most occasions our questions got the right answers.

It is clear from the kind of hardware products that Google has introduced at the event that the company wants to make us comfortable to talk with our device.

Some exclusive features have also been given in Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, which may become a reason for wrangling with other companies in the coming times. It is also not clear when features like Google Assistant will be introduced in the main Android project.


During the event, apart from the Assistant, Google also told about the camera of the handset. It is worth noting that unlike the strategy of Apple and Xiaomi, Google has used the same camera setup in both the phones. Google says that the only difference between Pixel and Pixel XL is the display and battery capacity. The company claims that the Pixel phone has got a camera with 89 DxOmark rating, which is the highest for any smartphone. We do not want to say anything about the performance of the camera right now. For this it would be better to wait for the review. But we must say that the new camera app is quite fast.

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