Hands and feet stay warm? These tips can help you reduce body temperature


Heat stroke can occur due to increased body temperature.
Take a cold bath to reduce body heat.
Rubbing ice on hands and feet can also reduce the temperature.

Tips Can Help To Reduce Body Temperature- Due to the heat, the hands and feet of many people, especially the soles, remain very hot. Sweating and burning are felt due to hot hands and feet. The normal temperature of the body should be 37 degree Celsius, if it increases, there can be fever. There can be many reasons for increasing the body temperature such as illness, medicines or being hyper active. Sometimes the problem of heat stroke is also faced due to the heat.

Body temperature can also rise due to hyperthermia. In such a situation, it is very important to reduce the temperature of the hands and feet. Consuming cold things to reduce body temperature can be beneficial for health. Let us know how the body temperature can be reduced.

using ice and cold water
Ice or cold water can be used to reduce body temperature. According to Medical News Today To normalize the hands and feet, it is very important to reduce the temperature of the body. Ice and cold water can be used for this. Ice can be rubbed on the wrists, neck, chest and forehead. By doing this, the body temperature decreases very quickly.

use swimming pool
Cold baths can be taken to reduce body temperature. In the summer season one can go to the swimming pool. Instead of swimming in a swimming pool, immersing hands and feet in water can also reduce body temperature.

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drink cold drinks
To reduce the heat, cold water or iced tea should be consumed. This gives instant Assam. When the body temperature is high, then there is more thirst. Drinking at least 4 liters of water a day can reduce the risk of heat stroke. Drinks can be drunk instead of hot tea or coffee.

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move less
Those who feel excessive heat, they should reduce the movement. Excess walking leads to excessive sweating and feeling restless. When the hands and feet are very hot, then heavy exercise should be avoided at that time. As far as possible, sit in front of the air cooler or fan.

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