Harley-Davidson 500 cc Parallel-Twin Model Spotted In China

Harley-Davidson’s second upcoming made-in-China model has now been spotted, even before a production model of the first Harley-Davidson 338R has been announced. In fact, just recently, reports from the US surfaced that the made-in-China HD 338R has been registered with the US National Highways Traffic Safety Administration, implying that it may be close to production. Now, images of a second made-in-China Harley-Davidson model have surfaced, but with a different 500 cc parallel-twin engine. Both these models are results of Harley-Davidson’s partnership with the Qianjiang Group, the parent company of Benelli.

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The spy shots, which appear to be screen grabs from a video, show the bike being tested on a dyno.

When reports of the Harley-Davidson 338R first came out in 2019, it was assumed that the “baby Harley” would be a re-worked version of the 300 cc Benelli 302 roadster. Later reports emerged which indicated that the 338R actually has a 353 cc engine. But more than two years later, the 338R is still to be seen in production form, possibly due to a slowdown in production efforts due to COVID-19, or possibly even a re-drawing of plans on the final model. Now, latest spy pictures show a larger made-in-China Harley-Davidson, being tested on a dyno at an undisclosed location.

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The new 500 cc Harley-Davidson, manufactured in China by the Qianjiang Group, looks to be based on the Benelli Leoncino 500.

The latest images, which appear to be screenshots taken from a video, reveals that the new 500 cc Harley-Davidson is based on the Benelli Leoncino 500. Several components, including the frame, the front suspension, radial brake calipers and swingarm seem to be visually identical to that of the Leoncino 500. The cast alloy wheels, handlebar and footpeg hangars also appear to be carried over to the 500 cc Harley. What is unclear at this point is the actual displacement and output of the engine. While the engine looks similar to the Leoncino 500’s parallel-twin, in China, Qianjiang’s local QJMotor brand also has a motor uprated to 549 cc, with maximum power also up from 47 bhp to 50 bhp.

So far, there’s no further word on actual production timelines. But going by recent filings with the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration in the US, the China-made Harley-Davidson 338R may be introduced at some point in the US market, and if the new 500 cc China-made is the next model from the Harley-Qianjiang partnership, then it could well be introduced in the US, as well as in other markets.

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