Here’s 8 Battery Boosting Tips and Tricks Which Increase Battery Life of Your Smartphone

We have reached 2021 and smartphones have changed a lot compared to a few years back. Now mobile phones come equipped with bigger displays, more RAM and stronger processors than before. Smartphone usage has also increased a lot compared to before. Now mobile phone remains in our hands throughout the day. This is the reason why we now feel the need of more battery in mobile phones. Keeping this in mind, now smartphone companies have started launching mobile phones with huge batteries. However, there are also some tips and tricks, thanks to which you can get hours of extra battery backup (Increase Phone’s Battery Backup). You have to make some changes in the settings of your phone or you can get maximum battery backup (Battery Boosting Tips and Tricks) in your phone by taking care of some things. Follow the below mentioned battery saving tips and tricks and save your phone battery.

Reduce the brightness or put it on auto-brightness mode

Display sizes keep on increasing and the resolution of the panels has reached 2K. On top of this, keeping the phone running for several hours throughout the day is definitely enough to drain the battery. Let us know that the higher the screen on time, the higher will be the battery consumption. Here you can save a lot of battery by lowering the brightness. First try to keep the screen on even when you need to, and on top of that if you keep the screen brightness low or auto, you can save a lot of battery.

reduce screen time out

As we mentioned, the longer your screen is on, the more the battery consumption will increase. Apart from brightness, you can also reduce the screen on time. In the settings menu, you will either see the option of Screen time out or Sleep. If your phone is set to 1 minute or more, set this time to 15 seconds or 30 seconds. This will help you to increase the battery backup.

Notification Settings

Our smartphone has a store of apps and these apps keep giving us notifications from time to time. Many of these notifications are absurd. There are many apps that we use very little, but these apps send us notifications throughout the day. Shopping apps, customization apps and games are at the forefront. Actually, getting continuous notifications removes the phone from sleep. This also means that the app that sends the notifications is repeatedly activating in the background. Try to turn off the notifications of these apps. For this, you have to go to Notifications under App & notifications in Settings and you can turn off notifications of apps as per your wish. No

Limit background processing of apps and services

Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram are constantly running in the background. These apps are the worst enemy of your phone battery. Due to frequent use of these apps, the artificial intelligence of battery saving mode or adaptive battery mode does not stop their background process. In such a situation, we recommend that you limit the background data usage and activity of these apps from inside your phone’s settings. Moreover, you can also save a lot of battery by turning off Wi-Fi scanning and NFC option.

Keep Location, Bluetooth and WiFi off

Wireless technology has also made a big impact on the battery. In today’s time, Wi-Fi remains connected in our phones for hours. Wireless earphones and smartwatches or smart bands have increased the use of Bluetooth. Many apps constantly take access to GPS, due to which the location service on your phone is also constantly on. In such a situation, try to use location service, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth only when necessary, otherwise keep them off. A lot of battery is saved when these three services are turned off.

turn off vibration

Avoid doing this if you keep your phone on vibrate mode most of the time. The vibration motor also uses the battery. It is used while messaging or calling, but many keyboards give haptic feedback whenever you are typing, due to which the battery consumption starts increasing. If Vibrate Mode is not required in the phone, then turn off this feature.

Battery saving mode or adaptive battery mode

Google offers Battery Saving Mode or Adaptive Battery Mode feature in its Android operating system to save battery. Many smartphone companies also tweak this feature according to their custom skin based on Android. This feature can help you a lot to save battery. This mode is usually triggered when the phone battery is left 10 or 15 percent, but we recommend that whenever you do not have much work on your phone or your phone is in the table or pocket for a long time, You can turn this mode on yourself. These modes limit the background processing of the phone as well as reduce the brightness and turn off battery-consuming features like vibration etc.

Battery increasing apps are the enemy of battery

If you are thinking that you will increase battery backup by installing battery saving or battery boosting apps, then you are absolutely wrong. Battery increasing apps themselves consume battery and the ads in these free apps further reduce the battery backup. These apps pretend to kill your other apps from the background, but still many apps or services remain running. Inverse battery saving apps run in the background 24 hours a day and take a toll on your battery. Don’t fall for such apps. Better use Android’s own battery saving mode or adaptive battery mode.

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