Here’s Best Ways to Clean Your Smartphones or Devices

We usually think a lot about our own hygiene, but now during this outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) we need to be more careful. At this point of time, we would not only advise you to stay safe in your homes, but also keep yourself and your everyday devices clean from time to time. If you are wondering which device we are talking about here, then let us tell you that a smartphone is a device that stays with us throughout the day except at the time of sleeping. We touch our smartphones all the time and even take them outside with us, which can lead to germs or viruses in our phones as well. We request all of you to stay indoors as much as possible, wash your hands regularly as well as keep your devices clean.

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection, there is currently a variety of videos and blog posts online giving information on how to keep the device clean, many of which are quite wrong and can damage your smartphone or device. Now after this request of ours, if you are also thinking of cleaning your smartphone or any other device, then we are going to give you the right advice and information about it. We are here to give you tips on how to clean your smartphone safely.

A few things to remember before you clean your phone. First check your smartphone manufacturer’s website or your phone’s user manual for specific instructions on cleaning your smartphone. Some companies may also have different cleaning methods for different phones. Here we are telling some common and safe ways of cleaning the smartphone.

remove all cables

First of all remove all cables from your smartphone. There should be no USB cable, headphone or any other cable attached to the phone. Remove all cables completely before cleaning your phone. If your cable is stuck in the port then the chances of moisture getting stuck in the port of the phone increases.

Remove phone case or cover before cleaning

Also remove the case/cover or any stickers or skins before cleaning your smartphone after the cables. If you only have a plastic or rubber case, you can clean it with running water and a mild soap under the tap. Do not use detergent or any harsh cleaning agents, and make sure the case is completely dry before putting the case back on.

Do not use aggressive products or harsh harsh cleaning agents

Do not use a coarse or rough cloth to wipe down your phone as well as avoid harsh cleaning chemicals. Always remember to never clean the phone using a dishwashing product like Scotch Brite, Dettol, toilet cleaner or thinner, even if your phone is dropped in the toilet. All these products can remove the oleophobic coating on your phone, which protects the device from fingerprints. There is also a risk of getting scratched by scratching the device with such products.

Don’t Use Compress Air

Do not use compressed air under any circumstances. Almost all smartphone manufacturers do not recommend using it for cleaning the device. Here we also agree with the companies. This can damage the parts inside your device.

Use the product used to clean the lens

You can use a soft cloth for cleaning, just like you can use a cloth used for cleaning glasses. Also you can use any microfiber cloth to wipe your device. You will get this cloth online or offline at very low cost.

Clean the phone by lightly moistening the cloth

After cleaning the phone with a dry cloth, slightly dampen the cloth and clean the phone carefully. Both Apple and Google say that using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe is beneficial. This wipes kills the germs of the phone. However, we recommend that you read the cleaning rules on the website of your brand of phone.

Carefully check for moisture in all ports

Once your smartphone is clean, be sure to check for moisture in any port before turning it on. Moisture can damage the parts inside the phone as well as damage the phone’s IC or battery during charging.

Keep in mind: If you have a smartphone with an IP68 rating and the company claims that you can submerge it in water, we still wouldn’t recommend it. While cleaning a phone in water may sound like a fun thing to do, but let us tell you that no smartphone company offers or guarantees to replace your phone for water damage. Now that there is a situation of lockdown due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in the whole country, then it may be difficult for you to do so. Because if you face any kind of problem with your phone, then remind you that you will not find service centers open all over the country at this time to get it rectified. So please refrain from doing this.

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