Here’s Step to Step Guide to Do It, How to Block or Unblock a Mobile Number on Xiaomi Smartphone

Smartphones are an important part of our life, with which we are always with us. However, the sad reality of this is prank calls, telemarketing calls and many unwanted calls, which have bothered every other person for a long time. At the same time, the problem of these unwanted calls is increasing with time. If you are also troubled by these calls and are looking for a way out of this problem, looking for a way to block these calls and any number, then we are here to help you. We have brought you some easy ways, with the help of which you can block any number on your Android phone.

You already have the option to block any phone number on your Android device. There is also a system to report any spam calls and phone numbers on Android smartphones, so that it can be reported immediately. Similarly, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Oppo, Realme, Samsung and Xiaomi also offer the option to block a particular number through the settings on your device. The thing to note is that if you block a number on your smartphone in this way, then you can never receive any calls and messages from that number again. Apart from this, any call or missed call from that number will never be visible in your call history.

Today we will tell you how to block a number in Xiaomi’s phone.

So let us now follow step by step how to block a number in your Xiaomi phone-

1. First of all open ‘Phone App’ on your phone.
2. Now next to the number you want to block, you will see an arrow, tap on it.
3. After tapping on it, come down, here you will see the option of ‘Block’.
4. Now you have to click on ‘Block’.
5. After this you will see a pop-up message, click on ‘OK’ to block the number.

After blocking the number, if you want to unblock that number now, then we also tell you the way for this.

Unblock the number in Xiaomi’s phone like this-

1. First of all open the ‘Phone App’.
2. Now you will see a ‘Hamburger’ option on the top left side of the screen, tap on it.
3. Here you have to click on the Settings icon and press on the Block option.
4. Now go to Block No.
5. Here you will see a list of all the blocked numbers, which you have blocked in your Xiaomi. Now tap on the number you want to unblock.
6. Now again a pop-up message will appear, in which you have to click on ‘Unblock’.
7. Now click on Remove option.

You can unblock any number directly by going to the call log. For this, you have to select the number that you want to unblock and then click on Unblock. After this a pop-up will come where you can unblock the number by clicking OK.

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