How To Find And Erase Your Lost iPhone Phone Data?

Have you lost your iPhone? And you don’t know how to find your lost iPhone or erase its data… then this article is going to help you today. Through this article, we will tell you how to track the location of your iPhone and delete the data present in the iPhone before it falls into the wrong hands. Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is very easy to use and through this you can find the location of your lost iPhone, sound starts playing in the phone… You can also delete data remotely.

To enable all the above-mentioned functions, you must first have the Find My iPhone feature activated on your iPhone.

How to enable Find My iPhone

– Open Settings.
Now you will see Apple ID under the search bar in the first tab of the setting screen, on which you have to click.
Now click on Find My option, which is the third option after iCloud and Media & Purchases.
Then select the Find My iPhone option. Now toggle on Find My iPhone option.

After completing the steps mentioned above, you are ready to find your lost iPhone. To find the location of your lost iPhone or to delete the data Sign in.

How to view lost iPhone on a map

– Go to the above link and after signing in, enter Apple ID and password through browser. Immediately after this, the location of your iPhone will be automatically detected.

After a few seconds, the location of your iPhone will be visible on the screen through the map.

– If the device is visible in an unknown location, users are cautioned not to attempt to retrieve their iPhone on their own. Instead, you can take the help of law.

How to play a sound on your lost iPhone

After the phone is located, you will see All Devices on the top of the map, on which you have to click.

– Select your missing iPhone model on the drop-down menu.

Now a floating box will appear on the top-right corner of the screen, in which the picture of your iPhone, the name of the phone and the remaining battery will appear.

– Now you click on the Play Sound button, which will cause your iPhone to vibrate and make a beeping sound that will gradually get louder even if your phone is on silent mode. This feature is especially useful when you forget to keep your iPhone in a nearby room or a nearby place. You have to unlock your phone to stop the sound.

How to mark your iPhone as lost

– Click on the Lost Mode button from the floating window.

– You will be asked to enter an optional phone number that you have with you. This number will appear on your lost iPhone. You will now be asked to enter a custom message which will also appear on your iPhone. Note that these steps are optional. Lost Mode will automatically lock your iPhone with a passcode to ensure that all data is protected.

Now click on Done.

How to erase data on your lost iPhone

– Click on Erase iPhone button from the floating window.

Your confirmation will be asked in a pop-up message. Keep in mind that by confirming this, all the data present in your phone will be deleted. The iPhone cannot be located and tracked with erased information.

Now click on Erase.

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