How to Track Lost Android Phone

Everyone has the fear of losing their smartphone. Are you also worried about the fear of losing your smartphone? It is not just a matter of losing, at times the fear of theft of the handset also remains. Now the question is what to do with this fear? In such a situation, the most important thing would be to activate the tracking system in the phone. Your phone needs to be connected to the Internet in order to be tracked. Whether the connection is Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. Apart from this, Google account is also most important to track Android device.

how to locate phone via google

Most of the Android phones today come with the built in Find My Device feature. Earlier it was known as Android Device Manager. This feature automatically tracks the location of your phone (Track Android Phone). If you lose your phone next time, simply open the laptop or take a friend’s phone and know the last location of your phone. You can also ring the phone if you want. If you are afraid of data theft, then you can lock the phone, or you can delete all the data.

How to Activate Find My Device on the phone

The Find My Device service is already present in the Settings app in new Android phones. if not then you google play store You can always download the Find My Device app from here. This feature is linked to Google in such a way that it becomes easy for the user to find any phone. You have to do all these things to use this feature.

1. Go to Settings, then tap Security.
2. Then tap on Device (Phone) Administration.
3. Activate Find My Device on it. Now you can come back to the previous page by using the back button on the screen.
4. After that use the Back button again and come back to the main Settings page.
5. Now tap on Location in Settings. Here, turn on the location through the switch appearing next to the location.
6. Then tap on Mode.
7. Here select High Accuracy. Now go back by tapping the back button again.
8. Now tap on Google Location History. First of all turn on its switch.
9. On the same page, next to the name of the device, also turn on the switch.

How to find your phone with Google

If you lose your phone, you can find the location of the phone from any computer by logging in with your Google account. For this, any other handset can also be used.

1. Launch the web browser on the phone, tablet or computer.
2. If the default page is Google, then it is good. If not, go to Google’s page.
3. Now type find my phone (Track Android Phone) in the Google search bar.
4. You will get the option of Find My Device. Usually this option comes first in the search bar.
5. Now enter your email address here and then use the password.

find my device android

As soon as your phone will be located. You will have three options to choose from.

1. If you have kept the phone somewhere in the house and cannot find it, then choose the option of Ring Your Phone. Doing so will start sounding your phone. Tell that even if the phone is silent, it will ring.

2. You can lock your phone if you want. By doing this you will be able to prevent your phone from unwanted person from using the home screen. This feature is very useful for those who had not previously secured the phone with a passcode or fingerprint sensor.

3. Use the option of Erase your phone only if you think that you will not get the phone back. Once you use this option, all the data on your phone will disappear.

If you are not able to locate your phone using Find My Device, then one reason could be the internet connection. Your phone may not be connected to Wi-Fi or network. So you keep trying again and again. As soon as the phone is connected to the network. It will appear on the map.

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