Hybrid Cars will cost less! Government is working on a special plan


Experts are now analyzing demand and global data.
With the reduction of tax on hybrid vehicles, there will be a big difference in the prices.
Hybrid vehicles not only give good mileage but also reduce pollution.

New Delhi. Hybrid cars knocked before EVs in the country. Despite their good performance, low pollution and high mileage, these vehicles could not get the response they should have. The biggest reason behind this was the high cost of hybrid cars. The technology of hybrid cars was already proving to be very expensive that the government imposed a lot of tax on it. However, now the government is also planning to reduce the tax on hybrid cars. According to a report, the government is now planning to determine the tax on the basis of emission norms soon. If this happens, then the tax rate on hybrid cars will be lower and its price will also be affected significantly.

Arun Goyal, Secretary, Ministry of Heavy Industries gave information in this regard. According to a report by Autocar India, Goyal said that this was taken care of after discussion in the SIAM panel. According to him, work is now being done on the feedback received from the industry and tax rates are being made according to the emission norms. Now experts are analyzing domestic as well as global data, along with this, efforts are being made to understand the demand.

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how much tax
At present, EVs are taxed only at 5 per cent. This tax is up to 29 percent on mild hybrid cars and up to 43 percent on strong hybrid cars. While the internal combustion engine (sub 4 meter with 1200 cc engine) attracts 29 percent tax, while the 1.5 liter engine in the same segment attracts 31 percent and cars longer than 4 meter are taxed at 45 percent.

Why is a hybrid car better?
If there is any better technology after EV, it is Hybrid Combustion Engine. There are two types of power generation in this. Along with the petrol engine, the electric motor also generates power. The combined power of both causes vehicle movement. In this case the mileage is quite good. Also, this car also reduces pollution a lot.

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