If a dog bites, when should the injection be given? Know from the doctor how to do the treatment


Anti rabies injection should be given within 24 hours of dog bite
If a dog bites, first of all the place should be washed

dog bite injection: Dog bites are extremely dangerous. Usually, the dogs who roam here and there on the street or on the road, they bite more. Most of the people have to face this. Sometimes dogs bark and silence, but sometimes dogs attack and prick their teeth. Since these dogs are not vaccinated to eliminate the poison. Therefore it is more dangerous. In this situation it becomes extremely difficult. One has to face unbearable pain, while many injections have to be done. If the injection is not given on time, then rabies disease occurs in which painful death occurs. That’s why dog ​​bites should never be ignored.

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What is the first thing to do when a dog bites
Dr Akhiyar Khan of Max Veterinary Hospital told that whenever a dog bites, first of all the place should be washed. For this, wash it thoroughly with detergent soap such as Rin or Surf Excel soap. If the wound is very deep, then wash this area with soap first and then apply betadine ointment. Due to this the effect of Rabies virus is reduced slightly. But it is important to clean it thoroughly. Along with this, tetanus injection should be given first when a dog bites. Tetanus injection is not meant for wound healing, but acts like a vaccine.

when to give injection
Dr. Akhiyar Khan says that within 24 hours of the dog bite, you should get the anti-rabies injection in any case. Otherwise, you may have to face many problems if you do not apply. Usually 5 injections are needed after a dog bite. For this the first shot should be taken within 24 hours. After this, on the third day, on the seventh day, on the 14th day and finally on the 28th day. Dr Khan said that sometimes people may have problems like fever after injecting, but there is no need to panic for this. You have to go to the hospital to get the injection.

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