If the heart is getting weak, then these symptoms start to be felt, know when the doctor should be consulted

Renowned comedian of the country Raju Srivastava The death of (Raju Srivastav) has made everyone think. Raju Srivastava died on 21 September due to a heart attack at the age of 58. Raju Srivastava, who went to the gym daily to keep himself fit, was a heart patient. Many of us are very careless about heart related diseases. This carelessness done regarding heart health can sometimes lead to a serious situation. In such a situation, it becomes very important that we recognize the condition of our heart which is weakening in time and fix our heart health accordingly.
Let us tell that when problems related to heart start, our body starts getting its signal in different ways. bhf.org.uk According to the news, we should not ignore some important symptoms seen in heart related diseases, otherwise they can become a source of trouble.

Do not ignore these symptoms

Chest pain – The most common sign that our heart is in danger is a feeling of heaviness in the chest. If your artery is blocked or if you have had a heart attack, you may feel pain, tightness or pressure in your chest. Different signs come out in different people about it. Many people feel that a very heavy thing is kept in their chest. This can be felt when you are resting or doing some physical work.

to feel sick – When the heart is weak, one feels sick all the time. If there is vomiting along with chest pain, then it can be a sign of heart related disease. If you feel sick even after not doing any hard work, then it is important to consult a doctor.

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Abdominal pain – Remaining pain in the stomach or poor digestion can also be a sign of heart attack or heart related diseases. Many people ignore these problems, which can become a source of trouble later.

excessive sweating Sweating is a normal process in the body while working out. But if you feel heat along with chest pain even in normal temperature and start sweating, then it can be a sign of weak heart or heart attack.

Pain in feet Often we ignore the pain in our feet, but sometimes foot pain can also be a sign of weak heart. If you feel cramping or stiffness in the calf while walking, do not ignore it.

Jaw and back pain According to Professor Newby, ‘Pain can also be felt in the jaw and back with heart attack. If the pain does not go away then you should call an ambulance immediately.’

Irregular heartbeat Another common sign of weak heart is irregular heartbeat. If you also feel irregular heartbeat, then it is important to get a checkup from the doctor.

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In this situation, consult a doctor

If you feel the symptoms or signs of heart failure, then you should not hesitate to see a doctor at all. The condition can be controlled to a great extent by getting treatment at the right time. myoclinic According to this, in these situations, seek the immediate advice of the doctor.

– Chest pain.
– Feeling faint or very weak.
– Increased or irregular heartbeat.
– Sudden shortness of breath.

Whenever such symptoms are felt, the doctor should be seen. It may be that these are symptoms of heart failure or they can also be a sign of any other serious disease related to heart or lungs.

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