If you stay away from nature, you will become a brain patient! Glitter of cities ‘dangerous’


People in cities are cut off from nature and mental health gets affected badly.
Being close to nature improves the mental and physical health of people.

Walk Through Nature Lowers Stress: In today’s era, everyone is running towards the cities. The charm of city life is attracting everyone towards it. Large buildings are now seen in most places in cities. You will be surprised to know that the glittering life of cities is proving to be very dangerous for mental health. The hustle and bustle here is making you a brain patient. On the other hand, people who are close to nature, their mental health is better than urban people. A recent study has revealed that walking in natural places for 60 minutes every day can significantly improve mental health and reduce stress. Many surprising things have come to the fore in the study.

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Are cities more prone to mental problems?
So far, it has been revealed in many studies that people living in urban areas are more prone to mental illness and disorder than rural areas. Medical News Today reports According to this, people in cities are cut off from nature and due to this, their mental health is affected badly. People who live close to nature have better mental and physical health. Our environment has a profound effect on health. In other research, it was revealed that the activity in the amygdala area of ​​the brain of people living in cities increases. From this part the brain regulates emotions, fear and stress. Increasing the activity of this part has a great effect on mental health.

This was revealed in a new study
A recent study has revealed that walking for 60 minutes in the forest or other natural places significantly reduces stress and improves mental health. Researchers sent some people involved in this study to walk in the forest, while some people were sent to the bustling streets of the city. Its findings showed that those who were walking around nature, their stress level decreased significantly, while there was no change in the stress level of people walking in the cities. Researchers say that natural things are beneficial for mental health and can prove to be effective in reducing stress.

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