If you use Asiloc, Jintech, then be alert, there may be a risk of cancer! Research


Ranitidine contains a chemical called nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), which is a carcinogen.
These medicines may be out of the list of essential medicines of the government.

Antacid ranitidine: The problem of gas or burning in the stomach is very common. Whenever there is a problem of gas, some people without thinking take antacid tablets like Asiloc, Zintec or Rantac etc. Be alert if you do too as antacids or ranitidine tablets may increase the risk of cancer. Already in many research it has been revealed that carcinogenic substances are present in antacid tablets. Now the government has decided to take these medicines out of the list of essential medicines.

American National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) According to reports, nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) chemical is found in ranitidine which is carcinogenic. According to NFCR, the level of NDMA increases further when it is kept at normal temperature. The American Food and Drug Association recommended its immediate elimination. After this, this drug was taken out of practice in many countries.

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will be out of the list of essential medicines
These medicines may be out of the list of essential medicines of the government i.e. National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM). Although instead the most sought-after anti-diabetic drug
Teneligliptin may be included in the list. According to information received by News18 from official sources, the central government can exclude 26 drugs from the new NLEM list. 34 new medicines are likely to be included in this list. News18 had earlier reported in January that the government was considering bringing high demand drugs under price control. An expert committee under the Indian Council of Medical Research submitted a revised list of 399 formulations last year. After this, the government had released the list in September 2021.

Question about the salt present in it
Even before this, questions were being raised about the salt present in the medicines sold under the name of popular brands like Ranitidine, Aciloc, Zinetac and Rantac across the world. Due to the element present in it, many news related to cancer had come to the fore. After this, the government had formed an expert committee regarding this. Now the government is going to take these medicines out of the essential list. In fact, doctors in India largely prescribe Ranitidine tablets for the treatment of acid-related indigestion, abdominal pain and heartburn. Some people consume it even without consulting a doctor.

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