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just a few days ago we Intex Aqua Trend to smartphone review did. Now it is the turn of a new handset of the same company. Intex is known for offering budget range smartphones, but this time the company has launched premium range smartphones in the market. The Intex Aqua Ace is priced at Rs.12,999 and will compete with many great performing devices already in the market. We hope Intex surprises us and proves that it is ready to do something different.
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look and design
Intex Aqua Ace The design of the phone is very similar to Sony’s product, a little bit of Apple’s look has also been tempered. Metallic rim has been used on the edge of the phone. When I took the handset in my hands for the first time, I realized that it is light. Its entire body is made of plastic. However, this handset does not give the feeling of being perfect.

The white and gold variants found for review are fine in appearance, but not at all attention-grabbing.

The Micro-USB port is placed at the top. Next to it is a 3.5mm audio socket. There seems to be two speaker grilles at the bottom of the handset, although only one of them is a speaker. The second is the design element. The power and volume buttons are on the right, though they’re a little below our liking. MicroSD card tray has also been given on this side. At the same time, there is another tray on the left side which is for two micro-SIM cards.

The front and back panels are made with the help of Gorilla Glass 3. We were disappointed with the metallic rim on the edge of the handset, as scratch marks were visible within a day or two of normal use.

We would suggest that you use the flip cover that comes with this handset, wish it was a little more beautiful.

Intex has used the latest 1.3 GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6735 processor in it. The company loudly hyped that the handset is equipped with 3GB of RAM which is revolutionary for this price range. The inbuilt storage is 16 GB out of which 10 GB is available for the user. The good thing is that it has support for microSD card up to 128 GB. It comes with USB-OTG feature.

Intex has for some reason used an AMOLED panel of 720×1280 pixels which would not be considered great for a 5-inch screen in this price range. The screen is a bit dull and it becomes very difficult to read anything on it in sunlight. You will immediately realize that its screen is weaker than expected.

There is support for LTE (Band 40). Other common connectivity features are also present in the handset. The rear camera has a 13 megapixel sensor and the front camera is 5 megapixels. The battery is of 2300 mAh.

The Aqua Ace smartphone comes with Android 5.1 and the company has not customized it much. The default icon looks very bad. We had trouble using the custom keyboard provided in it. We disabled it immediately.

We have already said that we did not like the screen of the Intex Aqua Ace much. It’s suitable for most tasks, but we’ve seen much better screens for this price. We had a problem with the phone getting hot. This was happening even when no hard work was being done on the device. At times it became difficult to hold the handset in hand. One strange thing happened is that this phone had trouble finding 4G network in many areas while other phones were doing so smoothly.

We found that there were occasional problems playing video files of 720 pixels as well. Video files of 1080 pixels ran with many drawbacks. The performance of the inbuilt speaker was very poor, the sound was not clear even at low volume levels. The headphones that come with the handset are fine for voice calls but not perfect for music. Benchmark test results were good.

The camera disappointed the most. Photos taken in daylight lacked focus on most occasions. The details disappeared completely and every picture had a strange gimmick. Closeup shots also point to the poor performance of the camera. Photos taken indoors were even worse.

On the other hand, the battery performance surprised us the most. The battery lasted for 10 hours and 14 minutes in the video loop test. Considering the battery capacity, we were expecting a poor result.

our decision
Intex has been loudly promoting that this handset has 3GB of RAM which is a revolutionary change for a handset of this price. To be honest, it doesn’t matter. We would love to have a better display and build quality in the handset. We were skeptical about the battery life of the phone, but the performance surprised us.

Taking all this into consideration, we believe that Intex has so far failed to find the right formula. For this price or even less, there are better phones available in the market. with large display Lenovo K3 Note ,review, Xiaomi Mi 4i ,review) And Motorola Moto G (Gen 3) ,review) Are included.

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