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You can easily deny the iPhone SE by calling it ‘old wine in a new bottle’. But really, the new iPhone has the same specification and design as the iPhone 6S. iphone 5s as it is. Technically speaking, the iPhone SE is ‘old wine in a new bottle’. The iPhone SE technically doesn’t set any new dimensions. But the Cupertino-based company definitely introduces a new strategy.

iphone 5c if you leave Apple The strategy of introducing ‘Affordable iPhone’ has been to discount the price of the old model. When a new iPhone was launched, the old iPhone was priced at $99 (Rs 6,500) in the US, while the phone was previously sold for an on-contract price of $199 (Rs 13,100). With the help of this strategy, the company has continued to sell it at a lower price in countries like India after the sale of the three-year-old iPhone stopped in the US and other old markets. The old iPhone model can be bought today for Rs 17,000 with no exchange offer.

Left to right – iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone, which will be launched at a price of $ 399 (Rs 26,300), has cost $ 150 (Rs 9,900) to make. This cost is the lowest I’ve come across on the cheapest new iPhone ever. With the low price, Apple aims to reach as many users as possible. Given the company’s continuing declining sales of iPhones, user growth is of paramount importance.

iPhone SE It has been made according to the user who likes compact phones. when apple iphone 6 And iphone 6 plus When launched, these phones had tremendous sales due to the large screen size. But not everyone likes big screen smartphones. Apple says that in 2015 the company sold more than 30 million iPhones with 4-inch screens. But one of the major reasons for such high sales of these iPhones is their low price but it would be fair to say that 4 inch screen smartphones have a significant share in the market.

If the iPhone SE finds buyers in India and other countries, then the intention of making the iPhone SE can be successful. Today we will review the new iPhone SE of Apple iPhone and know what is special in this phone.

design and display
As it is obvious that the iPhone SE looks exactly like the iPhone 5S. Had our review unit not been in Rose Gold colour, we could easily mistake it for the iPhone that was launched in 2013. We are not fans of the antenna line seen on the bigger iPhones, so the iPhone SE can be said to be a nice vintage design arphone made of complaint.

The iPhone SE can be easily used with one hand on each edge of the screen. But if someone uses the iPhone SE after using the iPhone 6s Plus as their primary phone, then initially typing with the smaller screen might seem a bit difficult but will soon get used to with the help of iOS’s autocorrect. Weighing in at just 113 grams with the tiny screen, the iPhone SE feels very light in the hand and can easily fit in your pocket.

Unlike the iPhone 5S, the 4 inch screen iPhone display is not HD but you will never feel that way while using the device. The text on the phone looks sharp and the display is very bright. We did not face any problem while using the phone even in sunlight. But if you watch a lot of videos on the phone then you will not get the great experience on the small screen.

The iPhone SE also has the Apple A9 chipset that is used in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The phone has 2 GB RAM, however, no information has been given about this on Apple’s website. As expected, we were able to run everything in the phone quite smoothly. In low-network areas, the iPhone SE performed better than the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but other than that, the overall performance of the phone remains the same as the iPhone 6s.

There are some big differences in the iPhone SE like 3D Touch is not given in the iPhone SE, so that the user will not get to enjoy things like quick actions and peek-pop. While reviewing the iPhone 6S and 5S Plus, we described 3D Touch as a technology with immense potential.

The iPhone SE comes with a slow Touch ID which can be a problem for some people but in our opinion it is a good feature. The fingerprint scanner given in the phone is quite good and works fast. The barometer is also not provided in the iPhone SE. The barometer feature was available in the iPhone 6 and later models.

The biggest difference that users will feel is the 1.2 megapixel front camera (Facetime camera) given in the iPhone SE which comes with F / 2.4 aperture. While the 5 megapixel camera equipped with F / 2.2 aperture was given in the iPhone 6S. As expected, you will get pictures with less detail than the iPhone SE. However, you will feel the difference only when you zoom in on the pictures on the big screen. The camera supports retina flash. We found this to be our favorite feature in the iPhone SE. Apart from this, iPhone SE will also support Live Photos.

Talking about the rear camera performance of the iPhone SE, most of the time you will get to see good camera reproduction in all kinds of light. But the phone doesn’t deliver as good results in low light as the Galaxy S7, Samsung’s latest and latest flagship smartphone that was launched recently.

Like its previous generation phone, the iPhone SE comes with 16GB storage base variant which is not ideal but considering the target audience of the phone and current smartphones from Apple, it can be compromised. It is expected that the last iPhone with 16 GB storage will be launched by the iPhone.

In our battery loop test, the iPhone SE was able to watch videos for 12 hours continuously, which is 20 percent more than the iPhone 6S. One of the reasons for this can be attributed to the smaller and lower resolution display of the iPhone SE. However, for general use, we didn’t notice much difference from the 6S on the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE can be used for a day without charging.

our decision
The price of the iPhone SE in India has been kept at Rs 39,000, which is by no means a price that will suddenly increase the number of iPhone users. But according to the Indian market, this product of iPhone can be considered important.

Apart from the front camera of the phone, the iPhone SE is a complete package and has everything one would expect from an Apple product. The iPhone SE is a better phone in every way like the iPhone 6S, which has been introduced with a smaller screen size.

If you are looking to buy a phone and your budget is fixed but you don’t care about the brand then Samsung Galaxy S6 is available at the price of iPhone SE. Galaxy S6 has been the most liked among the smartphones launched last year.

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