Is walking beneficial or harmful during pregnancy? will be surprised to know


Doing 150 minutes of aerobic workout during pregnancy is beneficial.
Walking in pregnancy provides relief from many problems including back pain.

Walk In Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the energy level in the body of women decreases slightly. The reason is an enlarged stomach and fatigue. If you feel healthy and normal during your pregnancy, then do not forget to go for a walk. Walking is beneficial for health and due to this the woman’s body remains active. According to experts, many changes take place in the body during pregnancy. The body has to adjust to cope with these changes. It is very important for the pregnant woman to be active in this whole process. The habit of walking everyday can help you in this. There are many other benefits of this, know about it.

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Benefits of walking in pregnancy
Mom Junction According to this, by walking in pregnancy, the muscles of the pregnant woman remain toned. Walking in pregnancy can provide relief from pain in the legs due to an enlarged abdomen. Walking during pregnancy can help control blood sugar levels. If you walk during pregnancy, then blood cholesterol remains under control. The complaint of cramps and constipation in the body is also relieved. Walking in pregnancy does not cause much trouble during delivery. Going for walking during pregnancy is a good idea. For a good delivery and good health of the child, do walking with caution.

Keep these important things in mind
During pregnancy, walk for at least half an hour every day.
While going on the walk, choose comfortable shoes only.
Make sure to apply sunscreen before stepping out
Drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated
Eat something half an hour before going for a walk in pregnancy
Go for walking only in green places
– Do not sit or go on a walk in a dirty place

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