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Reliance Jio introduced the Jio phone at the General Annual Meeting this year. With the arrival of Jio Phone, there was a tremendous stir in the market. Equipped with 4G and Voice over LTE feature, the most interesting thing about this feature phone is that the phone is effectively free. However, you will have to pay Rs 1,500 as a security deposit to buy it. Reliance started pre-booking of Jio Phone in the month of August. The handset was promised to start deliveries from September 21. Gadgets 360 has finally got a chance to use the Jio Phone and at first glance it looked like…

After reviewing many smartphones, Jio Phone gives a very different feel. It is a feature phone and comes with a standard candy bar design. It is small and it is comfortable to hold in hand. Your thumb will easily reach any button on the keypad. Looking at the price of Rs 1,500, we would say that the build quality of this phone is good. Due to the curved edges, it has a good grip in the hands. And the weight is not too much.

The screen measures 2.4 inches and has a resolution of 240×320 pixels. At the bottom of the screen are two function buttons. There’s a big-clickable D-pad, call and disconnect buttons, and a number pad. The quality of the plastic used in the phone is good. Buttons give good feedback when clicked. With Jio phone you will be connected to Jio network. You will get unlimited calls and SMS facility.

There is a 2 megapixel camera on the back and also a loudspeaker. There is a VGA camera on the front panel. The device uses a micro-USB port for charging. A travel charger is also included in the box. It also has a 3.5mm headphone socket. The back cover of the Jio phone comes out. You will be able to see the 2000 mAh removable battery. There is a nano SIM slot and up to 128 GB of cards can be used in the microSD card slot. Dual core processor has been used in Jio phone. Its RAM is 512 MB and inbuilt storage is 4 GB.


Jio Phone runs on KaiOS which is a new mobile operating system. You’ll find easily recognizable app icons in a grid layout. It can be easily navigated with the help of D-pad. You can also use each button on the D Pad as a shortcut to launch selected apps. Basic functions like calling are very fast. You will be able to make calls on VoLTE network in a pinch. If you are thinking of using the free data available every day with this phone, then let us tell that there is no hot spot feature in Jio phone.

Jio apps are pre-installed in the phone. You will be able to access Jio Music, JioTV and JioCinema. Jio Store is the app store for Jio Phone. Here you will find all the apps that are made for the phone. Popular apps like Facebook and YouTube are not available yet, but there are plans to bring them soon. Till then you will be able to use Facebook and YouTube without any hassle with the help of inbuilt web browser. There is also a voice assistant that can handle basic commands in Hindi as well as in English. We used it and the results came as expected.


The phone supports 4G and automatically connects to the Reliance Jio network. We also tried to stream the song on Jiomusic app and it worked well. We also ran the JioCinema and JioTV apps and found that the streaming on 4G networks was excellent. We were able to stream the entire cinema on the phone. There are many options available for you to watch, but the screen of Jio phone is not made for watching videos. One is the size is less and the viewing angles are also very bad.

Jio Phone has Geolocation and NFC with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There are several quick toggles that can be used from the main screen. The battery plays along. We used both the cameras of the phone. Found that if your hands are not steady, the photos will be blurry. The resolution of the photo is 1600×1200, while the video is recorded at 320×240 pixels. With the front camera, you will be able to take pictures with 640×480 pixels resolution. We will discuss all these aspects in detail in the review of Jio Phone.

After about a day with Jio Phone, we can say that the battery life is good and the user interface is easy to understand. At present, the free Jio phone is being tested. We will come soon with its review.

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