Lenovo K3 Note review: Cost less, more benefits

Only the consumer benefits from the price war that broke out among the mobile makers. Lenovo has launched a new device in the Rs 10,000 range that comes with a full-HD 1080p screen. with 5.5 inch screen Lenovo K3 Note The specifications of (Lenovo K3 Note) are such that two years ago were part of a flagship device.

In terms of ‘value for money’, the company has changed the market game, but not in its strategy to sell handsets. K3 note Available in limited numbers and can be purchased through flash sale only. Buyers cannot test the new product completely due to online availability alone. In such a situation, the image of the brand is the only support of the customer. Luckily, we got to spend a lot of time with the review unit. Based on this, we will tell you about this handset and will also make you aware of the test results.


look and design
Most of the phones in this range come with a uniform look. Lenovo has also relied on this formula, due to which this handset does not leave its mark. By the way, Stanley Texture has been used on the rear panel of this handset. If you want something different, buy the black or yellow version instead of the white one.

The three capacitive Android navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen are not easy to use. It is difficult to reach them with one hand, and the icons have been used in gray color and there is no backlighting in it.


The power and volume buttons are on the right side. The 3.5mm audio socket and micro-USB port are placed at the top. Left and bottom are completely empty, nothing here except a mic hole. The camera lens and dual LED flash are placed in one corner of the rear. Apart from this, there is also a mic hole, speaker grill and a large Lenovo logo. The battery is removable and you will need to take it out to swap the SIM card. There is also a microSD slot to expand the storage.

Gives a good feel when holding the phone. 150 grams is not very heavy, but whenever you keep the phone in the pocket, then its weight will definitely be felt.


We are discussing a powerhouse device under Rs 10,000. As a processor, MediaTek 6752 is present in the phone, in which 8 ARM Cortex-A53 courses are present and all of them run at the speed of 1.7GHz. Mali-T760 MP2 is integrated for graphics. The device has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of inbuilt storage along with support for 32GB microSD card.

The device flaunts a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. In this respect, it is ahead of most of its rivals and Micromax’s Yu Yureka Plus Equal to. It is so clear that Lenovo seems to be beating everyone in terms of specification.


Lenovo has provided a 13-megapixel rear camera that can record 1080p video. Dual-LED flash looks no less than a feature of a high-end phone. There is a 5 megapixel camera sensor on the front.

Lenovo K3 Note There is support for the 2300MHz band used in India in India and this is applicable on both the SIMs. The device also supports Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1 and A-GPS. The device supports USB-OTG storage and also comes with Dolby Atmos audio enhancement.

Lenovo K3 Note Android 5.0 (Android 5.0) runs on the operating system, on top of which the company’s VibeUI skin has been used. The good thing is that Android’s style and functionality have not been tampered with much. The company has also added some new features and functions. The main difference is that the icons for all installed apps are present on the home page. There is no app drawer present which most people will not like. Most Chinese companies are showing confidence in this approach.

Lenovo has given many preloaded apps with this handset. The good thing is that more preloaded apps can also be removed. The Lenovo K3 note comes with a secure zone feature that lets you hide selected apps, files, and notifications with a unique lock code. Ultimate Power Saver mode disables all functions except calling and messaging. The company claims that through this the standby is increased for several days. This can prove to be very useful in times of emergency.


With Smart Scene, you can decide when your phone should automatically go to silent, go into airplane mode, lower or lower the brightness, choose a different data connection, or launch an app. You can set the time or change the scene manually. You can set such a scene in the device that becomes active as soon as you come near a particular Wi-Fi access point. This way your phone will be able to know when you are at home and when in the office.

Some interesting settings are also present in the device. You can activate the phone by double tapping on the screen. You can launch apps directly through certain gestures.

We found the Lenovo K3 Note to be very easy to use and pleasant in general. By the way, due to the large screen size, it is not possible to use this device with just one thumb. Other than that we didn’t have any other problems. There was no lag even during multitasking. Heavily encoded HD videos played smoothly without any lag.


The benchmark test results show that the K3 Note is a very powerful device. The device got an excellent 45,616 points in AnTuTu and 20,680 points on the Quadrant test. We suspected that the graphics results might not be as good due to the high-density screen. But we are happy that the device got a result of 15fps in GFXBench and 6,667 in 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme.

The screen of the phone is really great. We are very happy with this device in terms of viewing angle, color reproduction and sharpness. It works well in outdoor. The sound coming from the rear speaker was quite loud. The effect of Dolby Atmos was clearly visible on the sound, although it was more effective in the earphones.


Sometimes the camera disappointed and sometimes happy. The placement of the camera is at one corner of the rear. Many times while taking photos we found that our fingers used to come in front of the lens. For this reason we had to keep the phone on its side. The effect of lighting was clearly visible on the photo taken with the camera. Photos taken on rainy days were not as good as photos taken in full light. When we reviewed the photo at full size, the lack of detailing was clearly visible. Although the pictures on the screen of the phone looked great. Colors were generally good. Closeup shots came out better than far away photos.

Voice calls were a bit dull and there were no major drawbacks. 4G data speed was a great experience. Battery life is good but not great. It lasted 8 hours 7 minutes on our video loop test.


our decision
Lenovo has really surprised us with the power and finish of its new device. The K3 Note is a great device in this price range. It is clear that the golden era of budget smartphones is not over yet. Considering the popularity of the big screen, we think most of the customers would love to buy this phone. We also expect Lenovo to launch the regular size version of the device in the near future.

Front of K3 Note Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G) Looks a bit old and in terms of performance, it has been on some occasions. u eureka plus (Yu Yureka Plus) is better. The truth is that it is very difficult to choose between the Yureka Plus and the K3 Note. By the way, the Yureka Plus handset runs on CyanogenOS and Now Rs 1,000 cheaper But we liked this Lenovo product equally. Both the devices are available in limited numbers and will be available through online flash sale only, so go for one if you want. Both are profitable deals.

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