List of EV Manufacturers in India

Verge Motors

Saumya Rout, the Founder of Verge Motors, created the prototype “VM KDH 100” with a team of around 15 personnel after two years of R&D. The functional prototypes has a mileage of around 100 km/l, a peak speed of the 100 km/h, the EV range of 40 km, a switchable battery, and much more. An electric scooter that not only operates on energy but also has a fuel alternative that can be switched with a flip of the switch! It can go 100 kilometers on one liter of petrol and has a peak speed of around 100 kilometers per hour.


Okinawa happens to be one of India’s fastest-increasing makers of electric two-wheelers. Okinawa Praise Scooter was introduced in Tripura on the 8th of October. Okinawa happens to be the first Indian firm to introduce high-speed electric scooters to the market. You may ride Okinawa praise with comfort over the world’s toughest driving road, Khardung La, which is the mountain pass in the Jammu & Kashmir’s area of ​​Ladakh in India.


Tunwal E Vehicle India Pvt. LTD introduced the country’s first three-wheel electric scooter, the STORM ADVANCE. This electric vehicle happens to be specifically developed for the elderly, senior citizens, & persons with disabilities. The electric scooter has a range of 50 kilometers on a single charge and a peak speed of thirty kilometers per hour.

Lush Motors

Lush Motors happens to be the multi-award-winning Hyderabad business that was founded in 2013. The Lush L1 turns out to be the electric car that they brought to Indian EV markets. It is the very first Smart Urban Vehicle in the nation. And even after five years of R&D, that business launched the totally Indian-developed car with the lithium-ion battery.

Mahindra Electric

Mahindra Electric, the Indian automobile manufacturer, took the green effort toward environmentally-friendly transportation. As a matter of fact, Mahindra Electric then launched four electric cars in the market of India, thereby assisting the government of Mission 2030 Electric of the nation.


Kia Motors

Kia Motors manufactures Hybrid Plug-in Cars, EVs, Sustainable and environment Monitors, and many more products. Its efforts towards Zero Emissions resulted in the establishment of the EV mass manufacturing system. It generates a large lithium-ion polymer battery, the highest efficiency motor, a built-in long charging system for domestic usage, and a monitoring cluster. KIA Motors committed the 1.6 billion USD in the Anantapur for the first Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Unit. With the KIA MOTORS’ development, unemployed youngsters will have work prospects, and the very first phase of the electric automobiles is planned to launch during 2019’s fourth quarter.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors is indeed one of the most remarkable Indian automotive companies to have been owned by Tata Group. The brand is highly regarded for manufacturing trucks, passenger vehicles, coaches, vans, construction equipment, buses, as well as military vehicles. In the year 2019, Tata Motors released the Nexon EV. It happens to be the electric version of the popular Tata Nexon compact SUV.

And it has a range of around 312km. In addition to this, it can generate around 129ps & 245Nm. This Nexon EV gets built using the components from Tata Motors’ “Ziptron” electric car tech brand. Tata Motors is also known for its popular Tigor EV which has already become immensely popular in the market.

Kabira Mobility

Kabira happens to be the Indian electric vehicle business formed in the year 2017 by a team of proficient engineers. It has made its debut at Indian Auto Expo in the year 2020. What makes the company renowned is the fact that Kabira makes electric two-wheelers. Their vehicles get produced in Goa and Dharwad. The production plant in Goa has around 10,000 units of capacity, while the facility in the land of Dharwad has a capacity of around 8,000 units. In the year 2017, Kabira Mobility had introduced six scooters.


Ultraviolette Automotive

Ultraviolette Automotive happens to be a Bengaluru-based start-up that manufactures luxury electric motorbikes and is supported by TVS Motor Co. Ltd. As a matter of fact, Ultraviolette also intends to build a sophisticated network of recharging stations city by city, beginning with Bengaluru.

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