Low urine output may be due to sepsis, know what is this disease


Sepsis occurs when an infection present in the body over-activates the immune system
Difficulty in breathing in severe sepsis

Sepsis: Sepsis is a dangerous disease that can be fatal if not treated in time. Very frequent infections in the body and less urine coming out of the body are the initial symptoms of this disease. Usually, a person who has a weak immune system, they get this disease. healthline Generally, sepsis develops when an infection present in the body over-activates the immune system. When there is an infection in someone’s body, the immune system in the body releases a protein and other types of chemicals. All these chemicals react and fight the infection. Sepsis occurs when this reaction gets out of control. Due to this there is a lot of swelling.

due to sepsis
Bacteria are the cause of sepsis in most of the cases. But it can also be due to Kovid-19, Influenza and Fungal. Sepsis can cause fever, rapid heartbeat and difficulty in breathing. If sepsis becomes more severe then it becomes septic shock. In this, immediate emergency has to be admitted. In this, the blood pressure becomes very low and many organs stop working.

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symptoms of sepsis
There may be a high fever or there may be a severe chill. Apart from this, there is a state of confusion or disorientation. There is difficulty in breathing. Heart beat and blood pressure get low. There is a lot of pain in the body and there is a lot of sweating. It also shows symptoms like covid, pneumonia and cancer.

Symptoms of severe sepsis
In severe sepsis, there is a lot of difficulty in breathing. The color of the skin changes. Especially lip, finger and ankle color. The temperature drops a lot. Very little urine comes out of the body. There is always dizziness. Gets very tired. People suffering from sepsis sometimes become unconscious. Apart from this, the heart rate starts becoming abnormal.

how to treat
If the infection is not too severe then it can be cured with antibiotics. However, doctor’s advice is necessary for this. If antibiotics are not getting better then medicine to control blood pressure and blood sugar is given. To avoid sepsis, one should eat nutritious food. Vitamin C intake can boost immunity. Eat citrus fruits. In case of seriousness go to the hospital immediately.

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