Lumpy Virus: Lumpy virus wreaking havoc on animals, can it make humans prey?


Lumpy skin disease spreads very fast in cow, buffalo, sheep and goat.
Humans are not at risk of the lumpy virus, but caution should be taken.

Can Lumpy Virus Infect Humans: Lumpy virus is wreaking havoc on animals at this time. So far, about 70 thousand animals in the country have died due to lumpy skin disease. Its outbreak is highest in some states including Rajasthan, UP, Madhya Pradesh. According to experts, lumpi is a viral disease, which spreads very rapidly from infected animals to other animals. Lumpy virus is spread by the bites of blood-sucking insects, some species of mosquito and animal insects. Now the question arises that if it is spread by some species of mosquito and insects, then can humans also fall prey to it? Is the lumpy virus contagious and dangerous to humans as well? The answers to all the questions related to this are known from the doctor.

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Are humans at risk of lumpy virus?
of New Delhi Dr. Sonia Rawat, Director, Preventive Health Department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital According to this, due to the lumpy virus, marks are formed on the skin of animals and animals die if they do not get treatment at the right time. This disease can spread rapidly in cow, buffalo, sheep and goat. So far, no case of human infection has been reported due to the lumpi virus. This virus is fatal to animals, but its danger to humans is negligible. However, people should keep some distance from infected animals.

Keep yourself safe in these ways
Dr. Sonia Rawat says to separate the animals that are infected with the lumpi virus from other animals and wash your hands thoroughly with soap after taking care of them. You can also sanitize your hands. Try not to put your hands on the skin of animals. Vaccination of all animals can be done on the advice of the veterinary doctor. This will reduce the risk of spreading this disease and the people living around them along with the animals will also be completely safe. If the animals are taken care of in time, this disease can be prevented.

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