Mental exercise works to reduce stress and reduce the effects of ADHD, know about it


Exercise helps reduce stress
Do activities that can ease your mind.

Mental exercise can reduce stressExercise is very good for the health of our body. People who exercise every day have very good health. Energy remains in his body throughout the day. Have a good night’s sleep. Exercising helps in reducing stress. Exercise has a good effect on anxiety and ADHD. When there is tension in the body, there may be pain in the back or neck, headache. You may feel tightness in the chest, cramps in the muscles.

Exercise can help release endorphin hormones in the brain as well as relax the muscles of the body and relieve tension in the body.

how to reduce stress
,toe According to this, stay in the atmosphere of laughter and jokes throughout your day and do not forget to smile. Sit down with friends who can help you laugh.
Spend time with small children or animals in your house, because when no one understands us, then half our stress is reduced only by seeing their innocence.
To keep yourself a little busy, keep doing household chores. This will help you to pass your time.

Consume juices that contain vitamin C.
Sing loudly and dance.
Do such activities by which you can lighten your mind.
Walk early in the morning and look at nature for some time.
You can also keep yourself in the sun for some time.
Not getting the desired environment can also lead to unnecessary worries.
Manage your own things to reduce stress.
The scent of lavender or henna can reduce stress. This provides instant relief and reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

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