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Handset maker companies have so far worked hard to bring cheap smartphones to every citizen of the country. But Reliance Jio’s Jio Phone changed the whole game. Feature phones are in the news once again. It is not surprising that now other companies are also experimenting with feature phones. The latest example is the partnership of BSNL and Micromax. Together they have introduced a new 4G feature phone Bharat-1 which can also access fast internet.

There is nothing new in BSNL Micromax Bharat-1. We will discuss about this in detail later. The most important question is, what kind of benefits does the phone out of box come with? It is priced at Rs 2,200 and the sale will start from October 20. In its marketing, the company is saying that it will meet the needs of about 500 million Indians.

Affordable connectivity needed

What are the requirements of the BSNL Micromax Bharat-1 phone? Let us know about this. Micromax’s Rahul Sharma believes that people don’t want to pay just for voice calls. Now users also like to browse the web without paying any charge. For this, his company has partnered with state-run telecom company BSNL. Customers will get all these facilities with Bharat-1 in a monthly plan of just Rs 97.

To be honest, people sometimes like to listen to songs, watch videos and even stream live TV. What about these needs? Micromax says that it has partnered with companies like Zenga to provide such content on the phone.


Now the question is, does BSNL Micromax Bharat-1 live up to our expectations? The straight and short answer would be, yes. If you need a longer answer, then most of the time yes. We spent some time with this handset. How did we like this phone at first glance? Let’s say…

At first glance, the Micromax Bharat-1 will remind you of the old-fashioned feature phone. It has the same old classic numeric keypad. Whenever you click on them, there is a stinging sound in the ears.

You’ll need to click them again and again, as the 2.4-inch screen doesn’t come with touch support. The plastic body doesn’t give a premium feel. However, it doesn’t look very cheap either. But as soon as you long press and release the * button, things get fun.

There are several apps that are pre-installed in Micromax Bharat-1. Opera Mini mobile browser is provided for web browsing. We typed in the addresses of some webpages and they loaded just fine. You also get a YouTube app. The display and sound quality will be considered decent considering the price customers are paying for the handset.

Bharat-1 does not run on Android. So there is no Google Play Store in the phone. If you are thinking of downloading WhatsApp, then this information is very important for you. You will be able to do things like update Facebook status, search Wikipedia and read news through Opera Mini browser.

Two camera sensors have also been given in this phone. The sensor of the rear camera is 2 megapixels. There is a VGA camera on the front. You will be able to take pictures just as expected from them. To be honest, you wouldn’t want to take pictures with them unless you have another phone. In comparison, Jio Phone takes better pictures.


The phone also has an entertainment “Fun” app where you will get access to songs and videos. More than 100 live TVs can also be watched through this app. Due to limited time, we could not check the number of channels properly. On the other hand, videos played well on the phone. The BSNL phone also supports Bluetooth. With its help, users can share files faster.

Bharat-1 has support for Wi-Fi. It was only with the help of this that our test unit was connected to the Internet. Going to the settings, we were also able to know that the phone will also work as a Wi-Fi hotspot. We could not test this feature as there was no SIM card in the test device. We couldn’t even make voice calls from it.

Talking about SIM, then let us tell you that it will come with two SIM card slots. A Micromax representative told us that users can also use another company’s SIM card instead of BSNL if they wish. You cannot do this in Jio Phone and it comes with a SIM card slot. If you are thinking of buying Bharat-1 handset, then you can also use Airtel or Reliance Jio SIM instead of BSNL.

Micromax has given this phone the title of ‘India’s 4G phone’. But the truth is also that BSNL does not provide 4G network yet. If you want to browse the web in 4G speed then you have to use SIM of Airtel, Vodafone, Idea or Reliance Jio.


This rival handset of Jio Phone has a 2000 mAh battery. Considering a feature phone, this is a pretty big battery. According to us, the battery will easily last for two days in normal use. During testing, we did not see any significant effect on battery life.

Should you buy Bharat-1 phone?

It will depend on you. If you have a smartphone then you would not want to buy the Bharat-1 handset. You will find that its camera does not take good pictures and the display of the phone is hardly pleasing to your eyes. The phone is too small and the keypad may ruin your experience. But it is also clear that Micromax has not made this phone for the smartphone user.

Bharat-1 is made for those 500 million Indians who cannot afford a smartphone, or the data plan is too expensive. The phone has been introduced for the elderly, children and those who have not yet got a chance to use a smartphone. For such people, Micromax Bharat-1 will be a profitable deal, even in 3G speed of BSNL.

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