Nothing Phone (1) Smartphone Disassembled Video Suggests It Is Difficult to Repair

There is no doubt that the Nothing Phone (1) is different from any other smartphone on the market as it sports a transparent design. Due to this, even before the device was released, it became a topic of discussion in the tech community.


  • Nothing Phone (1) has a primary lens of 50 megapixels.
  • Nothing Phone (1) is backed by a 4,500mAh battery.
  • The 12GB + 256GB storage variant of Nothing Phone (1) costs Rs 58,913

The One and Only Nothing Phone (1) has recently been disassembled in a video that has surfaced on the internet. YouTube channel PBK Reviews has released a video that demonstrates the tear down and reassembly of a Nothing Phone (1), which you can see in the video above.

During the process of restoring this smartphone, various parts have been taken apart and then repaired back together.

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According to the video, it turns out that during the process of disassembling the phone, the SIM module had to be removed and then the adhesive cover used to cover the phone was heated so that it would soften.

Nothing Phone (1) Smartphone Disassembled Video

Additionally, other components had to be carefully removed, and the moderator asked users to be very cautious while doing this. We carefully removed the flex cable, the top speaker, the wireless charging cable, as well as other components to be able to access the cameras, to make room for them.

There are graphite heat dissipation components on top of the main board as well. As far as the main board is concerned, it features a 50 megapixel primary lens as well as a 50 megapixel ultra-wide sensor. This smartphone’s battery, which has a capacity of 4,500mAh, has been removed from the device, as well as its cables and components.

It can be difficult to replace the screen of a Nothing Phone (1) due to the way it has to be accessed before it can be accessed. Based on the repairability score of 3 out of 10, the Nothing Phone (1) is rated as having a very low repairability rate.

As a result, we were able to put together the video by reconnecting the phone and restoring its functionality. One of the most interesting parts of the Phone (1) teardown video was how it was reassembled.

A detailed explanation of each component of the mid-range phone is provided, with clear pictures demonstrating how they work together. As well as 33W of wired charging, the phone supports 15W wireless charging, as well as reverse charging as well.

Additionally, the Nothing Phone (1) offers splash protection as well.

Talking about the price, Nothing Phone (1)’s 12GB + 256GB storage variant costs $ 745, about Rs 58,913.

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