Now soft and flexible keyboard will come

Till now you must have worked on hard plastic keyboard, due to which sometimes you may feel pain in hand, but soft and flexible keyboard will get rid of it soon. Scientists at the University of Auckland have created a very flexible and soft keyboard from a special type of rubber.

According to co-author Daniel Xu of this research, “This keyboard is a thin sheet of a special rubber (dielectric elastomer).”

The keyboard is made up of two sensing layers oriented at a 90-degree angle with a single-layered structure. It is able to quickly take advantage of mechanical coupling system from electrical separation.

The surface of this sensor keyboard is divided into 9 different sensing areas.

Researchers have used this rubber in video games to test its functionality, and as a separate project have created a sensing glove that will be used in shooting games in the future.

Several wearables are being manufactured using the Sense Stretching technology in a company called ‘StretchSense’.

The study is published in the journal Smart Materials and Structures.

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