Opera’s Battery Saving Feature Now Available for Desktop Users

After several months of beta testing, Opera has finally released a polished version of its battery saver feature for desktop users. The company has claimed to increase the battery life by up to 50 percent when the battery saver feature is activated in the browser.

Let us tell you that the new Opera Battery Saver feature will work only if the laptop does not have a power cable. A battery icon will appear next to the search and address fields and it will be possible to activate power saver mode via a pop up dialog box. For this you have to click on the battery icon. Users can switch on/off the battery saving feature as per their wish. The browser will also detect that the laptop’s battery is low. And will suggest to activate power saver mode.

The steps to be taken by this feature to optimize battery life are also mentioned. It reduces the activity in the background tab. This pauses unused plug-ins. This reduces the frame rate to 30 frames per second.

Opera also claims that laptop-PCs stay 3 degrees cooler when the battery saver feature is activated.

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