Porsche’s big step for e-bikes, two companies announced for manufacturing


  • Porsche eBike Performance GmbH and P2 eBike Gmbh Company Announcement
  • Porsche eBike Performance GmbH to focus on parts
  • P2 eBike Gmbh to execute drive technology

Porsche has made a big announcement regarding making electric bikes. Electric bikes also have a special customer segment in the segment of electric vehicles.

As electric vehicles become more popular, people are rapidly switching to them. A big announcement was made recently by luxury car maker Porsche regarding the manufacture of electric bikes.

As part of its plans to enter the electric bike market, Porsche announced the signing of two companies.

Due to the popularity of electric bikes, the luxury car manufacturer brand has introduced two new electric bike companies in order to cater to the growing market of electric bikes.

Porsche has announced that it will be forming two brands of electric bikes called Porsche eBike Performance GmbH and P2 eBike GmbH.

There are two companies in this group that have been declared jointly ventures. The project has been developed jointly by Porsche and a Dutch company called Ponooc Investment BV.

Porsche eBike Performance Gmbh has stated that the company will primarily focus on manufacturing electric bicycle components, including the motor, battery, controls, and software, for the electric bicycles it designs and produces.

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Hence, the company will be able to use the technology that FAZUA, a manufacturer of electric bicycles, has developed for this purpose.

P2 eBike Gmbh is another company that will be responsible for implementing the drive technology that will be developed by the company mentioned above, and it will be named P2 eBikes.

According to Times Now Report, according to reports from the company, Jan Becker, the chairman of Porsche eBike Performance Gmbh, who has also held the position of CEO of Porsche Lifestyle Gmbh and Co KG, will be the chairman at Porsche eBike Performance Gmbh, while Moritz Failenschmid, MD of Focus Bikes, will be serving as the chairman at Porsche P2 eBike Gmbh.

As a member of the IT and executive board of finance of Porsche AG and deputy chairman of the executive board of the company’s executive board of executive board, Lutz Meschke believes Porsche has tremendous potential in the e-bike market.

Thus, we are continuously expanding our activities in this area in order to serve our customers better. Likewise, I believe the rationale for this move of the company is exaggerated at present mainly due to the continuing growth of electric vehicles and the growing number of people switching to electric two-wheelers in the form of electric scooters, electric motorcycles and electric bicycles.

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