Porsche to Buy 50% Of Red Bull F1 in 10-Year Partnership

The partnership between Red Bull and Porsche is about to become a reality in the near future! In accordance with a report from Autosport, if the deal between the German megabrand and Porsche is to go ahead, Red Bull will acquire a 50% stake in Porsche’s Formula 1 team, as the partnership is set to run for a decade.

As stated in the report, the two parties attempted to enlist the blessing of the anti-cartel authorities around the world for the official announcement expected to take place during this year’s F1 Austrian GP. As a consequence, the official announcement has been delayed.

The report stated:

“Despite the lack of any official press release announcing that the long-rumored partnership between the German manufacturer and the Milton Keynes-based F1 squad is go, formal processes have begun to ensure that the tie-up does not hit a snag. One of the hurdles that needed to be overcome was a green light from anti-cartel authorities around the world to ensure that there was nothing untoward in the two companies joining up.”

After the report was published by the COUNSEL DE LA CONCURRENCE in Morocco, the specific details that accompanied it became known to the public. Further, it stated that:

“As well as this needing to be done in the European Union, it also required applications to be lodged in more than 20 countries outside the EU. One of these is Morocco, whose government legislation stipulates that applications are subject to mandatory publication once approved. The process to get the green light has required Porsche and Red Bull to reveal details of their tie-up, which have now been published in Morocco by the Conseil de la Concurrence.”

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As a result of the document submitted to the Conseil, it has been revealed that Porsche notified the Council on 8 July that the company will seek a 10-year partnership with Red Bull, which would include a 50% stake in the company’s grand prix division. The partnership is expected to be announced formally on August 4th, 2022, as soon as it has been finalized. In addition to getting Porsche engines, AlphaTauri is also going to get the deal, but the team will still be owned 100% by Red Bull alone, with no stake being owned by Porsche whatsoever.

What about Audi and Red Bull?

There is no doubt that Porsche’s entry into Formula One has been sorted out with Red Bull, but the question remains about what direction Audi will be taking if they are to enter the sport. Audi itself was reported to be in discussions with Sauber for the purpose of taking over 75% of the shares of the team, but progress has been much slower than expected in the past few months.

It stated:

“The second brand of the Volkswagen Group, Audi, whose Formula 1 entry has already been approved by all the necessary bodies, is not yet as far along with its project as Porsche. Autosport understands that the Ingolstadt-based company is still negotiating with Sauber owner Finn Rausing about the acquisition of 75% of the team shares.”

The Porsche team is going to enter the Formula One market as a power unit supplier, whereas Audi will enter the sport as a full works team once it enters the market.

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